X-Notifier not following notification settings

X-notifier version 4.2.19 on Firefox 75.0 (64-bit).

I have "Show Notification" and "Play a Sound" disabled in all of my X-notifier profiles, but I'm getting sound and notifications when new mail arrives anyway.  I've tried toggling the settings on and off, but the problem persists.

Please investigate.

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Perhaps because you are syncing your Firefox add-ons?

I just updated FF to 75, and when restarted, it gave notice in a new tab of new syncing features... between devices, Perhaps make sure they're all set to turn notifications/sounds off, or turn off syncing maybe.
I turned off notifications and sounds for XN in FF, and it appears to comply with my settings...
...my Windows 10 notifications still work (no sound), and my Chrome browser continues to notify/sound.
In troubleshooting, persistence pays... clearing cache/cookies, setting/resetting XN options, restart browser, etc.
Good luck.

Afraid I neglected to check back on this.  Sync is not enabled in Firefox.  Cache and cookies cleared, restarting browser, rebooting computer, no change.

this is also happening on a Windows 10 computer (the original is linux).  Sync is not enabled on either system.