gmail single email on Chrome

I have many different types emails all working perfect several months now but I just cannot get a new gmail (I have never had gmail before) to work. It does see the email under one condition - at the same time as I log in manually. Everything else I try fail. Tried cookies stuff etc. have marked this single gmail as default. Help please?

I have 4 Gmail Accounts all them work with X-Notifier 

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Hola, tenía el mismo problema, pero hice esto y se solucionó: Añadí a mi cuenta principal todas las demás cuentas, automáticamente X-Notifier empezó a funcionar con todas. Espero te sirva. Saludos.

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The solution I found

Hello, I had the same problem, but I did this and it was solved: I added all the other accounts to my main account, X-Notifier automatically started working with all of them. I hope it helps you. Regards.

Please elaborate. Do you not still have to log into main account manually?

I am still following this, I hope there might be a solution at some point. For me, there is no purpose to XN if I have to log in manually every time I close the Chrome. If I just had to log in once manually and it stuck, that's fine too. I never option to remember passwords, stay logged in, whatever. This is how I do Hotmail, never a problem accross several emails.

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You have a new Google account, that will not get logged in by X-notifier (the developer does not expect to find the solution).

You have to let your browser remember your Google password and keep the cookies upon browser closure (you can make an exception for password and cookies of
Then you will be able to stay manually logged in on browser gestart for a long time and X-notifier will then work for that same long time, because the Gmail script is designed to skip it's login process, when it checks the login status as being logged in (by you).

Why are you comparing Gmail with Hotmail. It makes no sense. Each provider has an own different login procedure.