Hotmail not displaying new e-mails

I've used X-notifier for years and it has worked perfectly until the past week. I can still access my hotmail account through X-notifier but it no longer notifies me when I have new messages. When I click on the X-notifier icon it lists "Hotmail", but is in red letters. When I click on "Hotmail" it does properly open up my e-mail account in a new tab but it is no longer notifying me when I receive new e-mails.

Yes i did notify the developer and told him that Outlook and Hotmail was not working for me now this is off and on thing with me 

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I had the samething for almost a week on neo, I decided to try the original xnotifier and after i added my log info it fixed it.  I don't know if that'll help anyone else, or why that fixed it; but thought it couldn't hurt