Multiple AOL Accounts Problem

I have 3 AOL accounts and X-notifier checks all 3 but 1 of the accounts (unfortunately, my primary account) always shows in red on the pull down menu and doesn't notifiy when there is an email.  This happens on BOTH Firefox and Chrome.

I have tried deleting 2 of the accounts but I still have the problem with just the PRIMARY account.  I have been using X-notifier for years and this has only begun in the last few weeks.

I'm having a similar issue, I have two AOL accounts under it but it only checks the primary one, and won't check the secondary one. It might have something to do with the fact I'm using an older version of x-notifier, but it seems like the issue might be on AOL's side, not positive really.

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Same problem..on both chrome & FF my aol accounts are in red, and continuing to loop me to sign back in. Very frustrating