Hotmail messed up all over again and Gmail staying red

I've continued to have problems after the recent update with hotmail where it would only directly load one account. My other account I would have to login each and every time. As of this morning though after the Firefox update Hotmail is all kinda messed up. If I load the account the I don't have to login to each time the email is there then a white page then the email then a white page. This happens so fast I can't even open an email. It does this for random sequences of flashing the email then the white page. Sometimes it will stop and finally allow me to go through my mail other times it does. If I'm lucky it will stay on the page and not do this flashing and I can actually check my email. More not then so though.

My secondary Hotmail account is still asking for login details each time I click it along with it too doing the flashing from email page to white screen to email page..... Also this secondary account hardly stays logged in. I may get lucky and be able to check one email but once I delete said email or click inbox it will be asking me to login again.

Also Gmail is now staying red and requiring login each time. Not to mention it too will barely let you check any mail then tell you to sign in again.

I've removed xnotifier and reinstalled the newest version to no avail. Same issues remain above remain.

I have the latest FF 71.0 (64 bit) and X-Notifier 4.2.16 is working fine for me with 3 different Microsoft-based accounts, Hotmail, Outlook, and with my three Gmail accounts. (My gmail accounts will show red on first startup of FF, but are checked fine later or when clicking Check Now.)
Persistence pays in troubleshooting. Good luck.

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Well for the past 2 days it seems Hotmail is working properly. Gmail is still red, requiring login each time, and hardly staying signed in.

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I'm running FF 70.0.1/XN4216 and several computers.  For the most part, XN is working fine on all of the systems along with Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail....except for one thing.  I have many e-mail accounts configured in XN (10-Gmail, 6 Hotmail, 5 Yahoo).  Each time I open up FF, I need to perform a "Check Now" just to get the Gmail Accounts to properly work, Hotmail and Yahoo are fine.  Once I perform the Check Now, everything is fine...until my next login, doesn't matter which computer I use.  Now on the other hand, I have same FF/XN version configured on my wifes laptop and she is working fine.  I do not have to perform a "Check Now" on her system....but she only has 3 Gmail and 2 Hotmail account she is checking.

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I have mentioned this before: 
Only some old Google accounts get logged in by the Gmail script (I have 5 of those).
The other newer Google accounts  (I have more than 5 of those) have to get logged in manually each time the session cookie expires, whereafter they should also work in X-notifier. The important account is the one you defined as default in the X-notifier Options. When this account is one not getting logged in by the script, all accounts will get logged out on cookie expiration.

It is easy to check which of your Google accounts get logged in by the script:

  1. Log out from one, which will log you out from all - as the Google-account dropdown menu also made obvious since some time now.
  2. Click Check Now
  3. When all accounts turn red, your default account does not get logged in by X-notifier
  4. Log in  your default account manually
  5. Click Check Now
  6. Accounts that get logged in by the script now also work. Choose one of those as the default one in X-notifier!

all my old gmail accounts stays red with latest Firefox 64bit. it looks this addon needs a fix to get back working with latest Firefox.

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Most X-notifier users don't experience any problem (otherwise this forum would show this), so your conclusion must be wrong. The right conclusion could be something is wrong in your firefox profile: possibly a conflict with one of your other firefox addons. Deleting the google cookies might also help. Setting up a second clean firefox profile with only X-notifier installed is a good way to convince yourself X-notifier is working: