Just FYI...  The New EDGE browser is a lot like Google's Chrome (because MS is abandoning the Old Edge), and based on 'chromium' now.

Microsoft scheduled to release chromium-based Edge browser January 15, 2020... for multiple platforms... Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, etc.

I'm running the release candidate... it is quick, similar to Google's Chrome, and I am writing this forum post after clicking the "XN-forums" account in X-Notifier running in Edge.  You can add Chrome Webstore apps to this new Edge, after you enable "other stores", besides Microsoft Store. Go to Chrome Webstore, search for X-Notifier... both X-N and Neo will show up. Select version, and click "Add to Chrome", then import your accounts.  If you have trouble with that, try going to this page to load into new Edge: http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp

So far, so good.  X-Notifier is now in the Microsoft browser universe.
Microsoft wants to use this chromium-based version of Edge to help transition corporate IE users away from Internet Explorer.
X-Notifier, with custom scripts... is gaining a larger market!

I guess nobody's excited about it  :)

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I have not test yet... I will let you all know later.

Works fine for me... but when you go to Chrome Webstore, the new Edge beta should pop up a note about enabling 'other stores', so you can install X-Notifier from Chrome's Webstore. NOTE: It will say "Add to Chrome" when you go to the Chrome Webstore from the Edge beta browser.

Just tested, it works perfectly ... installed Chrome version on new Edge browser