Gmail changed log-in proceedure again?

I think Gmail changed up how it works again.
The last couple days all XN shows is red... I have gone through all the usual checks, etc.
The odd part is every Gmail account I log into, will automaticly log itself back out... I thought it may be because XN was checking, but I disabled  XN and it still happens about a few minutes after a move away from the tab that Gmail is open.

As an example, I started writing an email, changed to another tab to get some info for that Email, come back to it and I'm logged out.
Log back in, open my draft, paste the info I had collected, moved back to another tab and the Gmail logs back out again... 

I have removed all old Gmail cookies and logged back into 8 of my Gmail accounts. 
So far everything is working normal again with Gmail.... Turned on XN and it checked SOME of the accounts; others still red.
Manually hit 'check now', and it took several minutes, but all accounts in NX are back to being black again.  So far; so good.

I will keep an eye on my accounts and update if I run into more issues...