4.2.14 doesn't login to gmail anymore.

Hi.  Unfortunately a couple days ago X-notifier 4.2.14 stopped logging into gmail. I saw a news post "Third-party cookies problem in X-notifier for Firefox" but none of the suggestions in that post worked. All my gmail accounts appear red when I click the icon list. When I click on one, I get the gmail page to choose an account to log into. If I click a different one, it just opens the account I logged into from the first click.

I did briefly try X-notifier Neo and do not like it. I don't like that you can't manage your email accounts in settings and I hate the email previews that can't be disabled.

X-Notifier 4.2.14  does give me problems with a error message from Gmail

so maybe Google is making some upgrades with their logging into Gmail email accounts

when it happens to me it's a brief moment that just fixes itself or  I log out and log back into

but so far it's not a intense issue.

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Having the same problem in Chrome. X-notifier is only checking my default account. Others are always red. If I click on any of the red accounts, Gmail opens my default account. I am logged into Chrome with my default google account. I tried firefox, and installed X-notifier. Exactly the same behaviour. Default account OK, others red. Click on a red account, and default opens. I have to log out of my default account to log into another to check mail there. On Chrome, if I log out of my default account, all gmail accounts are then shown in red.

This state has persisted for almost 2 days now.

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Only very old accounts get serviced by webservers that still didn't get updated to a different (more secure) login process. I have 5 Gmail accounts that still get logged in by X-notifier. The others (at least 10) I have to login manually and then also work in X-notifier. On cookie expiration (1 week, I think) you will have to login again.

Log in to your other accounts by adding them from the Google-account icon in the right-above corner of a working account. Then click Check Now and report here whether this solves your problem.