X-Notifier needs to be repaired Google Chrome on Ubuntu


Please, I do not understand why X-Notifer 4.2.14 he was corrupt and often asks me to repair the extension in Google Chorme?

It disappears from the extensions in the menu bar of Chrome but you just have to fix it in the extention section.

Thanks for your help.

Cordially ...

Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Build officiel) (64 bits) on Ubuntu 19.04 64Bits

Edit : X-Notifier screen ...


Neo too look the screen ...


Title of post could include Ubuntu (Chrome on Ubuntu).
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Ok RdP I rectified the title

And i Send the message.

Thank you.

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Tested on

Ubuntu 19.04(64-bit)

Chrome 76.0.3809.100

I could not reproduce this problem.

You could try to uninstall X-Notifier, restart browser and re-install X-Notifier extension.

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I have the same issue  several times a day on work Ubuntu: 18.04 (Chrome 76), but looks like everything works fine in my home Kubuntu 19.04
I have tried reinstall extension but it doesn't help.

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Hello Tobwithu, RdP,

Sorry for the late response.

Yes I uninstalled restarted Google Chrome, clear the cache too.

But it does not do it regularly it's random.

X-Notify Neo does the same thing.

 Well I made a save email and password addresses and I import them when I have to repair the extension .....


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I am using Chrome on Windows 7 and Windows 10

and this happens to me too.

After a while the extension will just disappear, upon looking for it in the extension menu it says it needs repairing.

After clicking repair it's back and I have to re-add my emails to it AGAIN. Very frustrating.

Again, I tried this on my Windows 10 PC and it does the exact same thing. (With fresh installs of Chrome and X-Notifier)

It happens completely randomly and can work fine for a while. But inevitably it happens the same hour.

This only started happening recently.

Just a reminder that in Options (scroll down), you can export your accounts... so you can import them later.

Otherwise, I've never had this happen to me, sorry.

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To Dannster:

For your email addresses you can save them in the options of the extension "Import / Export" Click Export allows you to create a file with your mail and password and you just have to Import when you have repaired the extention.

To RpD:

For me the problem is not represented anymore.

As long as it lasts ....