Unable to Log into AT&T E-mail Account Anymore

When AT&T and Yahoo E-mail were working together I was able to log into my att.net email account with X-notifier. I simply set up my att.net email account as if it were a Yahoo one.

Now that the two companies have separated, X-notifier is unable to check my mail. Is there a way around it, other than pointing the browser to www.att.com and manually log into my AT&T account?

Here's more info about the AT&T/Yahoo E-mail issue:

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Did you actually verify your assumption that you cannot login through Yahoo? Yahoo might still log you in and redirect you to the att.com page. That way X-notifier won't be able to "read" the number of messages, because it is a different html page.

Log out of your account and use te Yahoo login page to manually login to your att.com account.
1. Login fails
2. Login succeeds and you still get to a yahoo.com page.
3. Login succeeds and you get redirected to a att.com page (not provided by the Yahoo webserver)