X-Notifier 4.2.13 Could Be Changing , I'm Starting To Have Issues With Hotmail

Wanted to let everyone know Outlook, Hotmail , Live is updating their emails starting in August 2019

So you may see a change in way you login to your Hotmail account and this could effect X-Notfier

4.2.13  I been having problems lately with my Hotmail , Outlook accounts . Just wanted to bring this

To everyones attention. 

Curious what the source is for this update... so we can read about it, too.

I found out as of now whatever your Hotmail email is you got to log out than log back into it

and i found that this is the only thing that helped me But i did get email telling me August 2019

there will be update with Outlook, Hotmail etc emails.


well, I don't know if there are changes in hotmail login method but I can confirm any time ago I see issues with hotmail/outlook email. For example I have one hotmail and one outlook account. Last days this happens:

 - outlook account doesn't check new emails in subfolders, principal folder only.

- hotmail account anytimes doesn't check new received emails, nothing, address is red colour. If you click on email address you can enter to email box directly but it doesn´t check new emails.

I did test with firefox and chrome, disabled any addons and antivirus/firewall etc without result.


Once in while my Hotmail, Outlook emails will go in red . When this happens i log out of that emaill(s)

than log back into it than I refresh the XN 4.2.13 and that seems to help me . The red goes away and

seems to be working again. But i did get a email telling about updates to Outlook emails in August 2019.

Hi Cyber,

thanks, I tryed it, my outlook was ok but hotmail was red, I logged off from outlook and both accounts are ok now and email check works. Well looks like some issue with simultaneous login, inclusive if I setup email checks at different minutes.

I hope this great plugin continues working in the future because I didn't find other so simple, small and useful.


Yes i know there is update coming for Outlook, Hotmail emails so i don't know how this will effect 

XN 4.2.13  but i hope it won't effect the login . I did get the email for August 2019 but no given date

but their updating and i don't know why Outlook always got do these updates makes no sense but 

lets hope we can find out just whats going on . 

I have two hotmail accounts being checked and one works and the other doesn't.  It doesn't notify me of new email, nor does it indicate it is unable to check for new email.