No working at all in Firefox 67.0.04

After Firefox compulsory "upgrade", I lost all my  emails data in x-notifier, and worst than that, even after putting them again in place, (emails, passwords, etc|) x-notifier it is not working at all!!  Please help.

I can't help you with your issue, but I can tell you that I am running Firefox 67.0.04 and X-Notifier seems to be working no differently than it did prior to the upgrade.

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Have 6 gmail accounts and for last week noticed correct # of messages was off in every account.  For the past 3 days have been unable to check gmail as status is in red.  i have disabled, uninstalled, reinstalled the app, logged in from gmail signin page and even when i do that and can check account , it never comes out of red status within x notifier?  have yahoo and hotmail accounts but they are not affected????  Any help would be appreciated....oh yeah did the basics....clearing cache and cookies...