4.2.13 Crashing with multiple Hotmail

It seems that when I use XN 4.2.13 to switch between my three different Hotmail accounts, it crashes and I have to initiate a repair to the extension and import my setup information. It started happening after the 4.2.13 update. Anyone else having this issue? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension without any luck. I don't see any logs to investigate.

What i do when i can't get into Hotmail , Gmail . Aol , I delete history , delete cache . Check to see if your Browser is up to date also try refrehing your browser and try to log into each email that is giving you problems , also refresh XN 4.2.13 a few times . I do this for both Firefox and Chrome also I'm running Windows 10 , you didn't say what operating system you was running . Hope this information helps you out .

Tested with both Firefox and Chrome, up-to-date... I can open my hotmail account, then outlook, then a live.com account, then another outlook... and no crash.
Probably be good to uninstall 4.2.13 and then clean cache, cookies, as CyberToothTiger suggests, then reinstall.  If you're importing a saved account backup and it still crashes... I'd try uninstall, clean, reinstall and then define accounts one by one.

Forgot to mention that I am running Chrome Version 76.0.3809.25 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) on Windows 10 1803 (Corporate Build 17134.765). I reluctantly deleted Cache and Cookies (I HATE DOING THAT!). I will have to start down the path of a conflicting extension and possibly re-install the whole thing.

I completely uninstalled Chrome and deleted my profile and re-installed everything. Still crashing. Does anyone know if there is any logging??

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You should't have re-installed everything at once.
First install X-notifier in the new profile and make sure that works (I reckon it will!).
Then install your other add-ons one by one, checking that X-notifier still works after each added add-on (restart Chrome each time). That way you will find the conflicting add-on. 

@jeroen - 

Great idea, except that Chrome syncs everything across all of my devices, including extensions. Chromebook and Mac work fine. Don't want to upset the entire works. That's why I was hoping for some sort fo logging.

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So why don't you temporarily turn off Chrome sync on your test device?

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The X-notifier Log will not help you here. But here is how:

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Firefox with X-notifier ONLY!
Chrome with tons of ADD-ONS!


Chrome with X-notifier ONLY!
Firefox with tons of ADD-ONS!

End of discuss!

If you all ask me what my method?
Firefox 52.9.0 ESR and X-Notifier Reloaded! (I just keep prayer that still keep going on!)
Chrome with MILLION of ADD-ONS!
Close discuss!