Keep accounts separate using built-in Firefox Containers

Xnotifier was really great before the Firefox WebExtension appocalypse when you could have completely seperate gmail accounts at the same time. Now having to combine all of them under a "master" account is less than ideal for many reasons...

It would be great if you could use Firefox's built-in container feature to keep accounts seperate in Xnotifier.

That way you wouldn't have to combine all Gmail accounts under 1 master account, and you could login to multiple accounts at the same time. Also another plus, you would be confusing Google because you would be like different people using different gmail accounts.

Containers are fully user configurable, so you could setup specific containers for Xnotifier like this add-on:


or just open a new one every time, like this add-on:


Thanks for your consideration.

(I had to stop using xnotifier since WebExtension. Hope to be able to start using it again with this feature)


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Containers looks similar to X-notifier 3.x.

However, it is not suitable for X-notifier 4.x.

X-notifier loads webpages in background.

Currently, Firefox does not have APIs to use containers in background.

Thanks a lot for the information. Hopefully in the future this API will become available.