【QQ】mail.qq.com could somebody update this script please?

QQ mail is very important for Chinese, and it is one of the most biggest servers in China. 

The script from this site is made at 2015-03-11, but now it is 2019-03-29.

So could someone update it please?

Is it not working now?

It is not working.

I choose qq script, add my acount and password, but it could not get access to mail.qq.com. 

First, I also add gmail and outlook mail, and every time I click the X-notifier icon  in the chrome, it can tell me the count of unread mail from gmail or outlook.But the word QQ is displayed in red character. That's why I think it is not working. 

Second, when I click the name of gmail or outlook in the menu, chrome will open the mail website so I can read the mail. However, when I click the name of QQ, chrome can only open the login page of mail.qq.com. I think it is because mail.qq.com has updated some times in these years, then X-notifier could not get through it as the script is based on the version 4 years ago.

I hope you can understand what I mean and update the script. 

Thank you very much.

Hi, ok, well I notified the developer of the app that someone was asking for an update.
(I'm just another user of X-Notifier.)
However, just to follow up... were you using QQ with X-Notifier and it was working previously? Or did you just recently set up this script... I ask because the results you describe when clicking on the account are the same thing you would probably get if there was an error setting up the QQ account... such as a mistyped username or password.
Hopefully, the developer will test the script or some other QQ users will reply.
(I don't use QQ.)

No, it didn't work at the beginning when I first used it. That's really sad.

You might want to delete the account definition in X-Notifier and redefine it.
Just be extra careful that both username and password are entered correctly.
Since I don't use QQ, I don't know the format of the username for the script.. whether it's just a username or a full address, like username@qq.com
So far, it appears you are the only one posting about a problem using the QQ script, which has been downloaded 47 times.  
Good luck.