X-notifier 4.2.11 on Chrome 72.0.3626.119

Gmail script is still not working. I reinstalled the extension hoping that the new version would fix the issues of version 4.2.10 but nothing has changed. Either unread count is wrong (including all tabs, not only primary, but the total is still wrong) or the account stays red. I use this extension on both OSX and Windows 10, and on both computers only the default account signs in and other 7 gmail accounts stay red.

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Type in:inbox is:unread in the gmail search box, enter and tell me again it is wrong...
(Yes: the Gmail script notifies all inbox categories at the moment)

Thank you for your reply.

I reinstalled xnotifier and just tried it. Only my main default gmail signs in, other accounts stay red.

The unread count in the extension indicates 46 unread emails, and your search string in:inbox is:unread returns a total of 135 unread emails. The first page of results counts results 1-50 of about 74 in the top right corner.

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I think XN´s `caching` mechanism caused by option Reset counter when opening messages got ´confused´. This did happen to me and I easily straightend it out by marking all as read. In my case there where thousands of unread messages sitting in the Social and Promotions category.