GmailX Script serving X-notifier (Reloaded) 3.x for Firefox

I can offer my solution for Gmail Primary Inbox Only notification, but choose to do so by adding a separate (renamed) Gmail script.Because I don't want to cause a conflict with the in X-notifier (Reloaded) 3.x  package included Gmail script... for certain XN users.

This one is named GmailX. After download:

  1. Add the GmailX script at X-notifier Options by clicking the Scripts button
  2. Uncheck the checkbox of all your Gmail accounts presently in your X-notifier list (the 2 scripts cannot function simultaneously)
  3. Select your default Gmail account - Select the GmailX script from the Scripts dropdown and Add it. It will show at the bottom of the XN account list. You can move it up in order to keep things tidy.
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You can add your other Gmail accounts the same way.

You can download it here:  GmailX Script
(Left click the link above, ignore the offer to register for Dropbox and use the download button on the right side)

Once tobwithu offers his Gmail solution and I applied his fix to the Gmail script for X-notifier 3.x, you can easily readdress it (by rearranging the checkboxes in the accounts list) and delete the GmailX script. (This will delete all GmailX configured XN accounts)

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Thank you very much

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De nada :-)

Yes, thank you, I've been unable to check my gmail automatialy for too long now...  I wish that updates came faster, especially with major providers such as gmail.

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Good Job, Thanks!

It asks for a password when I try to import it.


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Assuming you indeed are using Firefox vs 3.x, click the Scripts button to add the script. 

Didn't see the scripts button before. It's working now, thanks.

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I should be clear in my instructions: updated, thanks to you ;-)

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Present (2019-02-25) GmailX script shows the category (=smartlabel) counts in the X-notifier window and sidebar. If you want that feature you can download the updated script from the top post of this thread. (Other user-defined label counts are not showing yet).

Will X-notifier reloaded be updated with this (or can i just put the script in the xpi using a zip archiver)?

Best regards

but it looks like GmailX + 1 open Gmail tab generates a heavy CPU usage (using PaleMoon x64, latest version).

Reverted to the old version

Just installed latest (2019-11-26) from link above and it's not working for Gmail. For the last few months I kept looking here for someone else to report it's no more working but maybe we are not many left using this old version. I keep using it only because of user scripts and haven't found an alternative yet. The closest program that could possibly work would be Rambox but it's not the same, it's like have multiple tab opens all at the same time but whatever.

So, any chance to have this one working again for Gmail? I check 3 accounts and none works.

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Roboto, are you in France?  (I see one download in France today on 

No but could french may be the problem why it's no more working for me?

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No. I just meant to let you know the latest releases could not be a solution to your problem. 

Roboto, you probably don't want to use them, but the alternatives (and up-to-date ones) are Chrome and chromium-based Edge and other browsers for which X-Notifier 4.x still supports user-loaded custom scripts.

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GmailX script (dated 2020-07-24) for X-notifier 3.x

  1. User-defined Label counts
  2. Inbox without the Category Tabs

Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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InboxOnly showed a label count, because the message was both Inbox and Label... and I kept showing that in the XN-icon Gmail account popup. Now fixed: not showing any label counts with option 'Notify inbox only' checked.

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 GmailX script (dated 2020-07-25) for X-notifier 3.x

I corrected the Category unread counts: simplified it by showing all counts>0 instead of only the configured ones (the tabs).
On 'Inbox only' setting the Primary category count could be omitted, because it equals the Inbox count.

Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

@RpD really? Is squirrelmail supported? I'm keeping an old firefox only because gmailx was still working, now since a few months it's no more the case.

There is a squirrelmail script in the Scripts page.  
If  you click the Name column header, the scripts will be sorted by name, and then squirrelmail is on page 7.
I have no idea if it still works.
If the script is valid, it will work like any other valid script loaded into the chromium-based browsers with X-Notifier 4.x which supports user-loaded custom scripts.

current Firefox's add-on XN version 4.x does not support user-loaded custom scripts.

Fantastic! How come I never found out scripts were still working but only with Chrome. I think when Neo was introduced and saying user scipts could not work any longer my mind was set that it was over.

This mean that it's only today that I will be able to update Firefox to the latest as I was still on 52.9.0 ESR.


Yes, chromium-based browsers which can use the X-Notifier 4.x version which still supports user-loading of customer scripts...
Google's Chrome, and Microsoft's new chromium-based Edge (and other lesser known chromium-based browsers are out there, I believe)... 
...but X-Notifier 4.x for current Firefox versions does NOT suppport user-loaded custom scripts.
There is a limitation in the Firefox base preventing it. From the Internet: "The current mainstream version [of Firefox] derives from a project called Quantum, started in 2016, which is based on a convergence of the Servo project, written in Rust, and Gecko, which is mostly C++. The first production version of Quantum was Firefox version 57 and convergence is ongoing."

(Just wanted to be clear.)

Thanks for keeping this alive on Palemoon (and olf FF versions).

GmailX recently stopped working correctly - does not display new messages and I always need to repeat the Gmail login process before it shows Gmail... I«m Using July 25th version

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Even though I followed the user procedure, the script doesn't work for me

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Due to the changed url for the message count the GmailX script is not working at this moment.