GmailX Script serving X-notifier 4.x for Chrome - ARCHIVED

I can offer my solution for Gmail Primary Inbox Only notification, but choose to do so by adding a separate (renamed) Gmail script. Because I don't want to cause a conflict with the XN package included Gmail script... for certain XN users.

This one is named GmailX. After download:

  1. Add the GmailX script at X-notifier Options by clicking the Scripts button
  2. Uncheck the checkbox of all your Gmail accounts presently in your X-notifier list (the 2 scripts cannot function simultaneously)
  3. Select your default Gmail account - Select the GmailX script from the Scripts dropdown and Add it. It will show at the bottom of the XN account list. You can move it up in order to keep things tidy.
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You can add your other Gmail accounts the same way.

You can download it here:  GmailX Script
(Left click the link aboveignore the offer to register for Dropbox: x and use the download button on the upper left side)

Once tobwithu offers his Gmail solution, you can easily readdress it (by rearranging the checkboxes in the accounts list) and delete the GmailX script. (This will delete all GmailX configured XN accounts)

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There would Be possibility of having script newly Gmail for X-Notifier-Reloaded.
Thank you very much

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thank you it works. 


I follow the description but even with the new script, I only have acces to the first box. The first one is in black and the other are in red... If I click on these, I go on the first on


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Did  X-notifier log all your Gmail accounts in before?
For me X-notifier logs in on 6 Gmail accounts. My many other Gmail accounts work after logging in manually:
- Add account from your one logged in Google-account (click the top-right icon).
- Then click Check Now from the X-notifier icon menu.

I have 6 enable email accounts and 4 disabled. I try to click on Check to refresh but without success.

I try to log me in manually on each of them but withou more success.

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Try after clearing all google cookies.

Yes... it's better!

Thank you for your help

Can you make one of these scripts for Firefox 65 too? X-Notifier is not working there.


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Mozilla has made it impossible to add scripts to X-notifier for security reasons:
The addon developer interface for Firefox Quantum doesn't provide a method for it.
All used scripts are included in the X-notifier package. So there is no Scripts button on the Options page.

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It doesn't work to me, but thanks anyway.

I guess I'll just keep waiting for the official update.

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Present (2019-02-25) GmailX script shows the category (=smartlabel) counts in the account's mouse-over popup. If you want that feature you can download the updated script from the top post of this thread. (Other user-defined label counts I did not resolve yet)

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GmailX script (dated 2020-07-23) for X-notifier 4.x
I finally managed to add the user-defined label counts.

Download and update (2020-07-23) from this thread's top post:  permalink

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2020-07-24 is a small fix on 2020-07-23:
InboxOnly showed a label count, because the message was both Inbox and Label... and I kept showing that in the XN-icon Gmail account popup. Now fixed: not showing any label counts with option 'Notify inbox only' checked.

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hello jeroen

thank you for your script but it doesnt get unreaded emails count when all tabs are closed in gmail settings (i mean tabs are hidden)

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You are right that the inbox count is not correct when you choose the inbox without the tabs. That is a shortcoming of this solution: I will still count the smartlabeled messages.

But the Primary tab cannot be closed (this option is greyed out in the inbox setting), so not all tabs are closed: The Primary tab is also a smartlabeled category. So I guess you don't have any unread Primary messages in your inbox at this moment: only Social/Promotions/Updates/Forums messages. 

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The current Gmail script of X-notifier is perfect for you because it's inbox count includes all categories.

Hi, I use this with X-Notifier 3.5.21 on PaleMoon and it works, but it checks for new emails only after I restart browser.

If I receive an email after it started, it wont display any new emails, not even if I manually click "Check Now".

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Try this (you are on the wrong forum thread) :

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GmailX script (dated 2020-07-23) for X-notifier 4.x

I corrected the script for users that use the Inbox without Category Tabs.

Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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 GmailX script (dated 2020-07-25) for X-notifier 4.x

I corrected the Category unread counts: simplified it by showing all counts>0 instead of only the configured ones (the tabs).
On 'Inbox only' setting the Primary category count could be omitted, because it equals the Inbox count.

Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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Due to the changed url for the message count the GmailX script is not working at this moment.