All Google services signing off since last update

Since the latest update, X-notifier got trouble accessing my work and private mail addresses at gmail via my google account credentials, and when it manages to connect and check either of them it counts promotions and social tabs too.

That by itself wouldn't be that big of a problem, but apparently something makes all google services to sign me off every time X-notifier trying to check on my mails.

For example my YouTube account gets constantly signed off and asking me to log back in.

It took me a while to figure out the correlation between the odd behavior of YouTube with X-Notifier but since I disabled the plugin in firefox YouTube remains signed in as it should.

The excess category count resulted from change on gmail side apparently and a fix has been proposed for next X-Notifier release.

Can't say anything about logouts as my three gmails work fine, as well as a separate tab for youtube.

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Love it when google just doing some change all of a sudden and its messing with everyting :P

Do we have an ETA for said next X-Notifier release?

ETA? No.