Hotmail/Live not work

The script not work for more than a week. Thanks to the time you dedicate to this great addon.


Which browser and version ...and which version of X-Notifier, etc..... are  you using.
I have no trouble with my hotmail, outlook, or live accounts... on Firefox and Chrome latest versions with X-Notifier 4.2.10

Hi, i'm using FF 65 with version of X-Notifier 4.2.10.

p.s Work perfect with Google and Aol accounts but not anymore with Hotmail/Live

You can try these troubleshooting steps...

The first troubleshooting step listed means to open a new tab in your browser, then, in your case, manually go to, and log in... look for any pop-ups or prompts that might be interfering with X-Notifier's automatic login/checking... if there are any, click OK or answer the prompts however is needed to get rid of them.

There was a message from Microsoft to confirm. Thanks for your help.