Why isn't  X-notifier not working with Hotmail anymore?...Tried everything: cleared cache, updated etc etc...


What version of X-Notifier and browser?

Have you opened a tab and gone to and tried logging in manually to see if there are any popups interfering with login?

Hotmail is working for me, and most others, I'd guess, or the forum would be flooded with complaints.

tania's picture opens, when I open manually, but doesn't check for mails...


Please reply to your original post when you are reporting that the problem has gone away and everything is working now. Thanks.

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Which version of mozilla can i download so X-notifier-version 3.5.23 can work

Please don't post multiple times with the same question... it's called spamming the forum.
I answered your other post in topic "Version 4.2.13 issue".

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The extension works fine, but each time it checks for new emails, I must sign in to my email again. Every ten minutes.

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