web.de + gmx.de need new scripts - please


since some days web.de and gmx.de don´t work anymore.

Please be so kind and refresh the scripts....

Thank you soooooo much !!!!!

Kind regards Bernd

Hi tobwithu or any other developer crack here,

as always, i will provide a test account for Web.de and will first send the login Data by E-Mail to tobwithu. Any other developer interested? please write here! i will check it here from time to time.

I am working with x-notifier reloaded 3.5.25 under Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0 (64-Bit).

Thanks for your ongoing support in advance.

Regards Achim from Germany


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They made a tiny change in the data url that returns the JSON formatted folder counts:
fm-mails now is mails (without the fm-)


I will inform tobwithu(s).

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I now see the GMX.COM script got this update a year ago.

So web.de and gmx.de/at/net (GMX script) are finally catching up,

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I updated the scripts.

Thank you all.

... for your very fast help!!!!
That´s great!!!!