Gmail Script serving X-notifier 3.x for Firefox

You can download it here: Gmail Script
(Left click and download using the button that will appear at top-right next to the Share button)

Just add it as external script. It will automatically replace the included script with the same name.
(Reloaded users can do the same, in case the included script didn't reach the Reloaded release yet)

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I had it replaced for a long time already in the X-notifier Reloaded on my Firefox 56.0.2, but somehow forgot to make it available here. It contains all tobwithu fixes of version 4 (4.0.3 & 4.2.3).

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Hello jeroen,

Same problem for past one to two weeks.

When I type manually and it will arrive to "account homepage" instead of "email homepage."

What I have 2019-02-02 gmail.js right now with Firefox ESR 52.9.0

Can you look into and maybe it need to update gmail.js?

If you found and update... I want to say Thank You in ADVANCE.


FYI: and (all fine) (all fine) (total 7 and one don't work.) (all fine)
POP and IMAP (it seem fine with except iCloud require 2-SV on IMAP, I don't bother with it.)

I did not bother to check Facebook and Linkedin. (I just bury them.)



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Did you ever try my GmailX version?
Download and follow instructions from here:

I posted weeks ago it's not working anymore, is 2019-11-26 latest?

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There were some gmail accs that used to work well, some did not, but now this script stopped working for all accs at all.

@Simnet same here, just tested with latest 07/25, disconnected all accounts, cleared google.* cookies, restarted firefox, enabled gmailx main acccount then login but gmailx won't light up. :-(