Poll for hotmail and/or yahoo not sucessful

I recently noticed that polling hotmail and/or yahoo inboxes is not sucessful (sometimes it's hotmail, sometimes it's yahoo which doesn't work).

After clearing the browser cache, polling works for the existing desktop session but next time the problem re-occurs.


I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with chrome 25.0

I have had similar problem occasionally... last time I let it linger for some time, but finally...

I made sure I had latest updates of X-Notifier and the latest versions of scripts, I made sure that I could auto-login a new tab by clicking the problem account(s) in the drop-down account list (by clicking the X-Notifier icon (in Chrome))... (if auto-login doesn't work, you may have a bad/glitched password)...

From X-Notifier Options, I exported my accounts, then I deleted the problem accounts, closed the browser.

Next, open browser, go to X-Notifier Options, redefine the problem accounts.

(You might even uninstall/reinstall X-Notifier after deleting the problem accounts, or you could clear the cache at that time too.)

Now I have all hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc., accounts working/checking.  Time to export my accounts again!