AOL Script serving X-notifier 3.x for Firefox

You can download it here: AOL Script
(Left click and download using the button that will appear at top-right next to the Share button)

Just add it as external script. It will automatically replace the included script with the same name.
(Obviously Reloaded users can do the same, when the included script didn't reach the Reloaded update yet)

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Thank You!
jeroen did a good job and excellent update AOL Script!

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It was easy for me: tobwithu did the real difficult job!!!

Hey, just FYI... Tobwithu updated the AOL script so that the account icon would show in the X-N drop-down account list.  We can add a line in the FF config file for AOL icon in old X-N 3.5.xx... or... you might extract the updated AOL script and make it available again?  :)

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Will check and update.

"Just add it as external script."

I'm sorry how do I do that?

It's for the Firefox version of X-Notifier 3.5.xx.
You just click the Scripts button, and then click the Add button, select the downloaded script, etc.
For Firefox 57 and newer, user version 4.x of X-Notifier... it includes AOL, but does not allow users to add custom scripts.  Update to version 4.2.1 of X-Notifier for the latest AOL script.

I've just installed the script into X-Notifier 3.5.2, which I use because I prefer the one-click open method.

While I can now freely open both my AOL email accounts (previously I could not do this during the downtime, I could only access one account through the extention) it is still not notifying me about received emails.

AOL works for me.   (official) X-Notifier 3.5.23 (with updated scripts) on Firefox 56.0 64bit.
X-Notifier checks for new unread email ...
if there's mail in your inbox that has been read, X-N won't detect it.  
Perhaps you could try clearing cache or cookies.

I did so, as of now it's checking my new-mail style email account, but not my old-mail style account, that one still can't be checked.

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It seems to me you don't understand the situation.

AOL is in the process of updating their webserver software. This includes a new login procedure and possibly/probably a new look and feel (the website content). I don't know about that last thing because I just registered an AOL account in order to try help resolve the issue.
So you should realise there are still 2 different AOL webservers active. The old one is still active because the different AOL webserver locations get updated on a different time schedule. Eventually all existing webservers will get updated to the new software.

I am not sure from the somewhat confusing info you provided, but my guess/hope is your "old style" account worked before you updated to the new script. I hope you now understand that is pure logic. When this is the case I can explain how you can make both accounts work until the old one also gets updated. (I forgot about this rare but possible situation for users with multiple accounts)

Actually now neither of my accounts are working again.

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Jeroen explanation is clear. Be patient !

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See top post for download.

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Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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This fix is relevant for those using more than one AOL account.
Until the developer of X-notifier agrees with my fix or releases a more complete fix, this can be used.

Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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I made a mistake a whole while back (by addressing a constant not available in X-notifier 3).

Download and update (2020-05-18) from this thread's top post:  permalink

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appologies in advanced since I'm a lil clueless..I've downloaded the latest link for aol from above on both chrome and FF..

"Just add it as external script. It will automatically replace the included script with the same name."


That part im confused about..If you can tell me the steps to do after I've downloaded the script..where do I go..options?. Thanks

It's a work it's a big help for me

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This thread is meant for users of the old deprecated X-notifier 3 (and X-notifier Reloaded), which means it is not supported by the developer anymore. I can't blame you for landing here, because a certain user of X-notifier 3 posted in the thread for X-notifier 4 and my reply to that post led you to this location.

You are using X-notifier 4 and therefore don't need to download the AOL script, because it is already included in the X-notifier 4 package and updated by the developer himself. You only have to keep your X-notifier add-on up-to-date. It should be version 4.2.19 for both Chrome and Firefox. (Check if it is!)

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Total 7 AOL

One problem regard to STUBBORN with "verify", it keep me running around (Whac-a-Mole).

Anyway, Thanks for catch the mistake in past. WHEW! Thanks again with Japanese style Bow-Down.

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Dear jeroen,

Can you check into AOL's App passwords, maybe need update?

AOL email to me that it required App passwords after October 15th? (I think)

I want to get ready, but I find it out does not working right now.

I want to say THANKS in advance for update App passwords scripts for AOL with old version Firefox.