No More Xnotify?

So google changed their login page upgraded to neo. Hotmail worked. Gmail multi finally did. Flaky as H! Hotmail quit entirely. Gmail was on and off and finally quit. Now only yahoo. Upgraded to FFU, atill nothing. Give up?

X-Notifier Neo is working fine for me... 3 gmail accounts, 1 hotmail, 1 yahoo, 1 aol.

X-Notifier 4.x also works fine with my accounts... Firefox and especially Chrome (where you can still have custom scripts).

X-Notifier 3.5.23 (with updated scripts from forum) still works fine with Firefox 56.x and about two dozen accounts I have.

You should troublshoot... and perhaps uninstall, clean cache and cookies, reinstall and start fresh.
There are lots of forum posts about different versions of X-N.
That's all I can say now, except you should provide more details... what browser/version, which X-Notifier/version, what accounts, etc.  I don't have time to do more. Good luck.

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sure does hide everythig now. neo 2.1.8 FFU 57.0

3-5 gmail, 1 hotmail, 1 yahoo
guess i can try deleting and reinstalling it since their are no more seyyings to lose

Still fighting with ffu breaking everything yrt again