Netc Script


I want know if you can make script for mail box from netc ?

i used the old version of x-notifier because i dont have netc mail with the new version...

can you fix this problem ?


thank you !

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hello everybody, i'm french and because i need absolutly net courrier mail i using always the version Firefox Setup 56.0.2 and old version of x-notifier for always working with netc....

Any body can help to fix again this mail for working with actually x-notifier ?

Please ? : (

Mozilla changed Firefox 57 and newer to use a different applications programming interface, by which third-party programmers create addons like X-Notifier, so... X-Notifier 4.x had to be changed to work on FF 57 and newer.  These changes meant that users could no longer add custom scripts like netc to their copy of X-Notifier 4.x for FF 57 and newer.  The X-Notifier developer has to add scripts directly into the X-Notifier 4.x addon for us to be able to use them. Every time a script would need to be 'fixed' due to email providers changing the login, a new version of X-Notifier 4.x would have to be released. For now, we have just a few of the most popular email providers scripted into X-Notifier 4.x+...
   However, the version of X-Notifier 4.x for the Chrome web browser still supports custom scripts that users can add into the addon... the developer does not have to embed them into the X-Notifier program.  If there is an existing, working version of the netc script... you can add it to X-Notifier 4.x for Chrome.  Is there a netc script already listed at ?
(Otherwise, someone will need to create or update the script, if that's necessary.)