[Guide] Keep using X-notifier 3.x after FF 57

Firefox 57 has been released and it blocks legacy extensions like X-notifier 3.x.

But if you want to continue using it, you have the following options:

  • Use Firefox 52.x ESR. Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) is designed for organizations, and thus has a longer support lifetime. However, support for 52.x ESR will end on 2018-07-03 (see calendar) in favor of 59.x ESR. At that point you should choose another option.
  • Use Firefox Developer Edition. This branch is one version ahead of Firefox Release, but includes some additional features for developers. Then you can modify these preferences in about:config:
    • xpinstall.signatures.required = false allows installing unsigned extensions.
    • extensions.legacy.enabled = true allows installing legacy extensions.
    • extensions.allow-non-mpc-extensions = true allows installing non-multi-process extensions.

    However, Firefox has changed various APIs, so the extension will require some fixes in order to work. I will start distributing a fixed version (it's working for me on Firefox Nightly 59) if I have time. I think the code in https://github.com/Loirooriol/X-Notifier-Reloaded has most patches, in case you want to try to fix the extension yourself.

  • Replace Firefox with some fork which does not block legacy extensions (maybe Waterfox or Palemoon?). But the extension may also require some fixes.
  • Give up using legacy extensions.
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Thank you very much, Loiro!!

So... does this mean that Mozilla has removed the old API from the Release version 57+ but not yet removed the old API from FF Developer Edtion? Or just blocking legacy addons? (Is Developer Edition versioning number tracking along with Releases somewhat... or lagging?)

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Is this addressed to me?

Why do you care... what is the point...

Version numbering question I don´t get. I have running alpha and beta on portable. I understand developer version is different, but didn´t investigate that version.

I assume 57 is running faster partly because they got rid of the legacy API.
I would also assume Developer's Edition still has it, if XN 3.x will run.
Guess I was curious about how long this legacy stuff will hang on.
The ESR version numbers are goofy, leaping about, so...
I haven't looked to see what Developer's Edition is, either, or what versioning... so I was wondering about it.   If you haven't investigated either, then... 'never mind'  :)
I just looked and see that FF D.E. 58.0 beta was just recently released. (Guess I wasn't paying attn when Loiro mentioned it tracking one version ahead.... yet still has legacy API? or he wants to rewrite/'fix' XN, because... it doesn't?  Just wondering if he's rewriting forked 3.x for the new API or what's going on.)
That is all. 
(But you're right, I guess...I don't care, since I use XN on Chrome with custom scripts ...and new 4.1.4 on Firefox 57.  However, Nicqi seems to be needing some help understanding the situation.)

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No. that is not the reason why I said "what is the point".
The point is Mozilla's software product and it's development cycle chain is not as simple as you presume  (and this is the case with lots of such software products). I was less eager to criticize your simple conclusion that the legacy API is a cause for slowing down Firefox, but as Oriol's better inside now explains the "legacy" API is not pulled out at all (yet).
My point was, why do you bother about things to complex for us to judge. You can get irritated with Mozilla's decisions, but it almost seems you think you are savvy enough to question their strategy.

They said they were going to remove it, I thought, yet it lingers on and on.
So, I'm done with it then. Won't mention it again.
Esp. since I can't savoir.  Adieu.

Mozilla did not remove the API that allows legacy extensions to run. It's just that Firefox Beta and Release block the installation of all legacy extensions that are not signed by Mozilla internally. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Add-ons/Firefox57.

However, some APIs used by legacy extensions have been changed or removed, that's why the add-on needs some fixes.

Note that bug 1413432 will remove support for non-bootstrapped legacy extensions. X-notifier 3.x is one of these.

Thanks for that info... which is the point of asking questions (of the right source).

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Thank you very much, Loiro...

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THX for this.

hello Lorio

i have read the above as I was also automatically updated today to 57 i used 4.14 but not only did i loose all the addresses and such but i can't even see it anymore i have removed and reinstalled again twice and i do not see anywhere in the toolbar the 'notifier envelope' also i have looked in custom and other places it has just dissapearred along with all my 'speed dials' are just gone . when i do go to 'add ons ' its says its installed and if i hit options i can open it but you knwo how you usually see the drop down to choose yahoo hotmali etc that is ALL blank so i can do nothing . I have no idea how i can get it to even show up on 57 .. I have tried my best to understand how to use other versions i dont want to use the extended ff as its noot got the personal features it says.. so i thougth i could try another one like developer but it says it reports i am unsure abotu that but worse is i do NOT understand at all how to ' modify these things where peope talk about turning off 'Tracking protectino ' and things i honestly do not know how to do it and the command lines above for manualy fixing this issue to 'get round it ' i dont know even wher to go or how to start would you mind at all telling me if there is an easy step by step way to find where i would modify this or at the worst cn you recommend another mail notifier please i have 13 emails for work and personal use and other things over the years and this is not optional for me to have to try to log in every 20 minutes for 5 of the work ones emails .. I am not a learned person with scripting or understanding this modification lines others seem to say ' thanks! :) ' they have to understand sadly i do not is there anywya to help me understand about how to get to this tracking protection and also what i have to do to make this 57 notifier work for x notifer as i lost every address on trying to reboot and clean install twice and restart. and yes i have lost also every speed dial all 35 of the tabs as well .. so i will at this point just be pleased if i can get my mail back seems so far as desparately as i did not wish to go backwards but i tried to even download just for the day an older last versoin and it wont come to the page keeps timing out . can you help me at all . as i can't function with log inst at 4 different sites gmal hotmail yahoo and gmx with work mails. on this computer and i admit ashamedly to not understanding what it seems others above do .. thank you very much for any and all help

thank you i am so so disspointed and stuck now even just today is going ot be very hard doing checkes in google every half hour for that many email addreses and the main work ones. thanks again . and yes i am willing after many many years of using x notifier from the start... to change at this point if anyone know sof a safe as this and good mail checker add on for firefox that will work with 57 64 bit versoin as i can not literaly do this every day thanks so muc i would rather stick with this but i don't know ifi can re fix notifier with my lack of knowledge unelss given step by steap how to .. aand how to get the speed dials back is going to be another issue as i used them for work a lot as well ad 4 personal i could use book marks for at 10 to 20 a page that is a lot of pages to loose again it is a big problem thank you for help with x notifier as i do not undersatnd as the others seem to be .. sound stupid i konw but i admit i do not understand it . thank you very much .. i do have a work computer with some security on it so please tell me how this tracking protection or things may work what i need to do .. thank yo ufor all your time and reading my help request. as i do need help more than ever only asked a question once here over many years now i really do need lots of help thank you again .


How is tracking protection relatied to this? Try this:

  1. Download Firefox 52 ESR from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/
  2. Install it
  3. Install X-notifier 3.x from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions/?page=... or https://github.com/ewwink/X-Notifier-Reloaded/releases
  4. Disable X-notifier automatic updates in about:addons
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...Is there a chance that it works on FF57?

The very first post in this 'thread' explains what you can do, because X-Notifier version 3.x does -not- work in FF 57.  You have to use the an older FF version (like 56 or 55, etc.) or the Extended Service Releaase or the Developer's Edition and make some changes in order to keep using version 3.x of X-Notifier... as described in the first post of this 'thread'.
You can use version 4.1.4 of X-Notifier with FF 57, but 4.1.4 is a more limited version because of restrictions by FF 57.

(Firefox 57's 'Tracking Protection', if set to 'Always', conflicts with X-N 4.1.4 for Gmail and Yahoo accounts, at the moment... which doesn't involve X-N 3.x.
Update:  There is a new version 4.1.5 which fixes the Tracking Protection 'Always' problem.)