Cannot view full Options dialog - trying to reload a script

FF 55.0.3/MacOS 10.12.4/XNotifier 3.5.23

I have the need to reload a script but the Options dialog is ot displaying correctly (too small), unresizable and cuts off most of the dialog.  So I can't use it.

I've tried editing the script in my profile at "/Users/me/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/8gks9xr3.default" but it seems to not reload my changes even after a Firefox restart, so I'm not sure where the script it is using actually resides on disk.

Is there any way I can reforce a reload?

Please help!

I can't speak to Mac operations, but on my Windows PC, the custom scripts are stored in an xnotifier folder in my FF user profile, like this... Firefox\Profiles\(my profile)\xnotifier
Whether X-Notifier reloads modified scripts from there when it starts, I don't remember.
Do you have an exported backup?

Can you post a screen capture of what this small truncated X-Notifier window looks like?
You'll probably have to upload the screenshot to a free online image file sharing site, then post a link here.

[Edit:  Also, why do you think the script needs reloading... do you think it's corrupted or are you customizing it or trying to update it yourself?  Which script are you reloading? Seems gmx/ scripts need an update as they've quit working for some users, including myself.]

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I've uploaded a screenshot of the dialog here:

This used to happen in the past and a retry or restart fixed the problem.  Not so now.

I've been adjusting a regex pattern I use in a script for use with Comcast and it isn't reloading the script to use it.  I know this because I've also turned on logging and can see that my updated debug statements are not being used.

The old script that is being used works, but it just doesn't pick up certain content due to a limitation I found in the regex pattern matcher.

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Your location is correct and you obviously found the script there in the xnotifier folder.
I just closed Firefox, updated the ver var (var ver="yyyy-mm-dd";) of my old (not working) tele2 script and it now shows that date in the Scripts update popup from the Options dialog.

Did you close Firefox before you replaced the script? It should work.

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Thanks for the suggestion on changing the version.  I tried that and unfortunately it still doesn't pick up the updated script after a browser reload.  I can't verify things in the Options dialog because it won't display correctly.

I don't expect you can grab an edge and resize it bigger.
Sometimes in scrollless windows, I've been able to click and drag (highlighting things) to get it to scroll down, but I don't know that it would go horizontally.

One might risk reloading X-Notifier.

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I just tried again and at first the dialog was small but showed the whole dialog.  Still I couldn't get it to function correctly, I'd click a button to switch to General and it would toggle a checkbox instead. 

So I closed it and opened it again and lo and behold the damn dialog displayed and functioned correctly and I was able to reload my script.

That's some very bizarre behavior... wondering if you should run some system tune-up and security utitlities? Empty trash, check any other software running in background, other addons, etc.  Mouse connection :) (I've had mouse troubles recently.)
Good luck. ;)


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Thanks.   Anything is possible.  I'm just glad it started working again.