web.de and gmx.de needed new script


since yesterday web.de and gmx.de don´t work anymore.

Please be so kind and refresh the scripts....

Thank you soooooo much !!!!!

Kind regards Bernd

As always, i provided a testaccount of Web.de to XNdevel.

As gmx.de and Web.de now both ownded by 1and1, maybe the login-issue is the same.

If not, someone from the gmx-users may also provide a testaccount.

The fixing will be faster....normaly.

Thanks in Advance to xndevel for his ongoing support.

Chears Achim

is it possible to send me a link, where I can send everything for the test-accounts?
Thx a lot

;-) I found the adress an just sended the test acounts.... Thx

I tried this but it doesen´t work for web.de and gmx.de

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Please refresh the web.de scripts....

Thank you soooooo much !!!!!


two times I send testaccounts to xndevel but I get no answer if he received the mails.

Now I saw that the latest updates for scripts are more than 1 year old.....

Do you think there will come updates anymore / sometime?

Thx a lot

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forget it!

this project is dead!

Occasional updates happen, but not as fast as they used to, perhaps.

I´m sorry .... please don´t have any trouble ....

I know that Prog is not the Mainjob for the developer.
I only asked because there was no reaction after I sended the testaccounts.

There´s no other Prog / App like this I found in the Internet.... and I´m very, very happy that this
Prog runs mostly all the time perfectly and stabil without any advertising.

I´ll wait for the updates.... so long I use my Thunderbird ;-)

@rumba: If you will write badly like you do this time and there are maybe more like you, I´ll understand that the developer ins´t interested to do anything more. That´s bad for all the other (donating) user who are going to wait and understand.
So please use an other Prog and "forget" xnotiferer for yourself - thx

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Why the developer does not answer here???

Answer: The project is dead! No more updates!

You just do not want to believe it!!

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Why are you here then?  Are you trolling?

la esperanza muere el último


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sí, por supuesto ...

Alte Kamelle
Der Zug ist schon abgefahren
Widerstehen sie ihren inneren Schweinehund
das ist (ja) alles dummes Zeug!


  • Arabic: هِرَاءٌ 
  • Brazilian Portuguese: absurdo 
  • Chinese: 胡说 
  • Croatian: besmislica 
  • Czech: nesmysl 
  • Danish: sludder 
  • Dutch: onzin 
  • European Spanish: tonterías 
  • Finnish: hölynpöly 
  • French: balivernes 
  • German: Unsinn 
  • Greek: ανοησία 
  • Italian: stupidaggine 
  • Japanese: ナンセンス 
  • Korean: 허튼 소리 
  • Norwegian: tull 
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When I understand correctly, 57 release is scheduled for 2017-11-14.

I know we emailed on such as this before, I couldn't help prolonging it...
...but his last post to me in German unsinn doesn't translate well so it's useless.

rrrrumba... I have non-working scripts but I don't pitch a fit and profanity and bite the hand that feeds me the best email checker for a variety of providers.  Oh well.  Time to abandon this thread...
...too bad it's not properly threaded or I'd delete some.

Que sera whatever.

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My answer is that this project is not dead.

I'm just too busy.

@rumba : Please delete inappropriate comments for yourself, or I will do it. 

I believe you´re not going to "forget" your project, xnotifier....

In times like these all (working) people have less time for "hobbies" - year by year....
It´s here the same in Germany like in US or in Asia....
The time is runnig faster and faster.....

That´s why I asked for other users who can support you with creratimg / repairing scripts.

I´m to stupid ;-) - maybe because I never learnd any computer language.....

So I hope there are not to many users like rumba and you will lose your arangement....
there is no other App like xnotifer in the web !!!

Thx a lot

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Lieber bp!

Warte doch einfach bis der Herr Zeit für dich findet.

Du musst dich einfach gedulden......

Please wait for update ....:) Bitte warten ......)

The Boss is just too busy!!!!

Thank you for updating it again for the dieing version 3.5.xx in 22.11.2017.

For me it is very helpful, because i am an ESR-User of Firefox and this means, that i am able to use 3.5.24 until may or something in 2018.

I also changend the Password provided for my testaccount back.

Chears Achim from Germany


since yesterday web.de and gmx.de don´t work anymore.

Please be so kind and refresh the scripts....

Thank you soooooo much !!!!!

Kind regards Bernd