Is neo replacing the original app or is it just a cut down version?

Question is in the title:

Is neo replacing the original app or is it just a cut down version?

Just there are features from the original version that I miss:

1) The ability to click on the app icon on the chrome browser, then select either of my two accounts instead of clicking on "dashboard"

2) The ability to check each of my accounts at different time intervals (i.e. my main account every minute but my secondary account every 5 minutes).

Thanks in advance for your aid :)

Neo is not replacing X-Notifier main version, yet... but for Mozilla products (Firefox, Sea Monkey, etc), X-Notifier is transitioning to a new 4.x version which is different (notably, no user added scripts) because Mozilla is changing the Application Programming Interface for Firefox... supposedly discontinuing the old API with Firefox version 57 (55 is the current version). If you open FF Options, Addons, Extensions in version 55, you will see the older addons marked with a highlighted "Legacy" flag.

Checking your emails faster than every 10 minutes, may be seen as 'hammering the server' and some email providers object to that and may reject such inquiries.


For God's sake, I spent years using x-notifier, and for a few months I only see it get worse. I use firefox and I have 2 yahoo accounts, 4 gmail accounts and 4 hotmail accounts. However I can only get normal hotmail notification since yahoo and gmail no longer. Even connected to x-notifier I have to log in every time I want to access each of them. How to fix this?


Are you using version 4.1.3 of X-Notifier for Firefox?

Have you tried deleting and redefining the problem accounts? 
Have you tried uninstalling X-Notifier, restarting your browser, re-installing X-N 4.1.3 and redefining your accounts from scratch?

My hotmail/, gmail, yahoo, aol work fine in 4.1.3.
I had a problem with AOL... it turned out to be a cookie problem.