Help update script

Very very convenient webmail provider has recently changed their design as well as the login page. So, for now current script stopped working. Can anyone fix it please. I believe that no serious changes are required in the code.

I've sent the test account to tobwithu for correction, but he is probably busy. Can anyone help?

There are some other users who have worked on scripts.
One I know has gone on vacation, so you might update your post in a couple weeks.

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I kinda meant for Simnet to change the title of the original post so that it shows up in the subject in the Recent list of postings... but every little bit...helps. ;)

RpD title changed, hope this helps )

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"I believe that no serious changes are required in the code"

I am kind of curious how you arrive to this conclusion.

It’s just a guess, since they remain simple login, without  two-factor, captcha, and that kind of complexity

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Two factor authentication is available for paid accounts, as is custom domain and POP3/IMAP/SMTP access. And as one can expect the login process is now made more secure, meaning the process (communication between client (browser) and server) to get granted access by the server is now more complex. To emulate this login process is often the hardest task for the script(er).

I registered a free account and easily found the messages/unseen counts in the new (JSON) "dataURL"

But I am still struggling emulating the new login process.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts. There were very few free providers without phone attaching requirements, annoying adv., good admin panel and either supported with x-notifier. It's one of them.

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New login process uses Google's recaptcha v2.

I couldn't break through it yet.

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I think you are addressing the paid "Pro" accounts here?
Free accounts don't include 2-step verification with recaptcha v2.

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Btw Simnet, which browser are you using?

firefox 33 and it's fork cyberfox 52.3

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When you are interested, I have the script working providing you click the account to continue to login manually and then click 'Check now' once to make it work (every time you start your browser).

Please upload it somewhere. Thank you!

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You can download it here:  OpenMailBox Script 
(Left click and download from Dropbox - wait for the Download button to appear)

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It seems that your script doesn't work now. Could you upgrade it?

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Any fix would only last for a short time because Mozilla is planning to update Firefox to vs 57 this week 14th of november. This will end X-notifier vs 3, because the required software interface that makes XN vs 3 work will be pulled out. Only when you are making the effort to use Firefox ESR or Alpha (or staying on vs 56 forever) you will be able to continue using XN vs 3 with certain required settings. I think until august next year. Not for the average user.

But internalizing any working external script in the X-notifier vs 4 package will work. Question is whether admin is prepared to have all those external scripts as included ones. There actually is no difference. Some scripts won´t work until admin or someone else is prepared and capable to fix them. We will wait and see...

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Ok, I understood. But there is no any other options. Now nothing works. Even if it will work for some months, I think it will be good.

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The script still works on Chrome (after manual login).

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I meant Firefox.

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For me it still works in the way I described above (no 2-step verification):

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Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bits)
Chrome 63.0.3239,132 (64-bits)

I made some changes:  OpenMailBox Script
(Left click and download from Dropbox - wait for the Download button to appear)