Yahoo script serving X-notifier 3.x for Firefox

So, I managed to convert vs 4.1.3 back to vs 3 and make it work for both my accounts (Classic / New Yahoo inteface). It involved re-implementing the cookieManager code of vs 3, because cookie handling in vs 4 is implemented differently: by calling the new XN4's function setCookies of XN4's Handler script.

You can download the adapted script from Dropbox:  Yahoo Script
(Left click and download thru the button that will appear at top-right next to the Share button)

Just add it as external script. It will automatically replace the included script with the same name.

NB: I still have to implement the 2-step verification.
       Only tested for accounts, so can somebody test for

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Thank you very much!

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Your script works great. Thanks a lot, jeroen. You have a beer from me!

Everything works fine now! Many thanks!

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Thank you very much.
To it me me works well,,,
Thank you

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Merci beaucoup Jeroen.

This script works for,  and
You are a savior.
Thanks a lot.

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Thanks you all, for appreciating my effort. It sure feels good ;-)

Remember this only lasts until november... or whenever Mozilla decides to end XUL/XPCOM...

Anyone using

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Cool. You did a great job, so you deserve all the praises.

Jeroen, what we should do after november Mozilla cataclysm?

It seems japanese people are not using scripts...

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It is probably difficult for most japanese/korean people to read and write english. I expect CFB will test on his account when he surfices.

Let's first wait and see how far tobwithu can meet our hopes in vs 4. And that also depends on his plans in his life. He might be otherwise engaged and that is his good right!

I have an idea, but I cannot promise I will succeed carrying it out. It means I have to set up a complete addon developer environment in order to be able to debug internal scripts. Then I could try to convert some external (custom) vs 3 scripts to vs 4 and offer the package ewwink style as 'X-Notifier 4 Reloaded'. Or perhaps tobwithu could agree to include those scripts, providing we will maintain them.

But let's not get ahead of our(my)sel(f)ves... 8-)

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Apart from the fact I already can see Yahoo is working in X-notifier 4.1.3... , what else do you see here:


Congratulations jeroen!

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Trying to re-implement the 2-step verification I noticed these things during testing:

  1. The XN Options for Yahoo includes a "Show login verification window" checkbox (that sets config pref showCaptcha, only used for Yahoo as far as I can see)
  2. My debugging never reaches the code part dealing with the 2-step where this pref value gets checked.

Either I am missing something or this part got deprecated long ago. Someone can tell me it was working before (and when)?

Since it's really a minor issue I will leave it out. It only means one has to click the greyed-out account once on a new/foreign computer in order to complete the verification.

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The fixed Yahoo Script will be included in the next release of X-Notifier-Reloaded (3.5.25).

Thanks for working on X-Notifier-Reloaded. It works great!

CFBancroft's picture works great same as before.
see old post finally work again! (classic and the new interface works great too.)

I do not have 2nd step verification at this point.

Thank you!

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Thanks, man. But, could someone fix office 365 and linkedin script? They don't work... :(

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Thanks again, jeroen. Do you know how can I fix my Office 365 script?

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You use office365 for your school account, yes?

When it is a hotmail, outlook or live account, you can simply use the hotmail script:

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Yes, I use for my school account.

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What is this Reloaded version?


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It is an attempted fork-off of  XN vs 3.5.23 where we keep the embedded scripts like gmail, yahoo, etc updated. One can achieve the same goal by including the updated script like  yahoo as an external script. And I doubt whether Cyberfox will keep allowing X-notifier vs 3 while I believe Cyberfox is software-wise a copy of Firefox at every release.

With X-notifier vs 4 at Firefox 57 all scripts have to reside in the addon (embedded). Really not that big of a change, since towithu made most external scripts. Perhaps he hoped to get more assistence going that way? We now rely on his willingness to include more scripts in the package.

since today 6/Nov/2017 the revised Yahoo script stopped working for me. I am forced to manually login and confirm a code from my secondary email everytime I clear cookies.


never mind, had to enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" again...



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I added the folder view for the new yahoo interface.

For download, see 1st post above.

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Applying the 4.1.8 FIX: unread count for the latest yahoo version.

For download, see 1st post of this thread.

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Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

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Dear jeroen,

Please look at Tobwithu's Yahoo Script and update for OLD firefox, Smile.

If you DO,



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Sorry, I am still in Spain.

Awaiting for your return ;)

I also join CFBancroft's request. It would be very appreciated

The yahoo script doesn't works, all accounts are missed. Something changed

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Download and update from this thread's top post:  permalink

Dear jeroen, many thanks for your work. The fixed script works partly. It opens tabs with inboxes well, but it doesn't show unread messages (count). The list remains gray. What could be?

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It works for my 2 accounts and for CFBancroft's 2 accounts. I had to login manually for one and remove a blocking message and relogin both. Perhaps you should go thru the procedure:

Do you use new or old interface?

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That's why I  have two accounts: just for testing X-notifier :-)
But I guess they are both on new now and I don't see the interface to return to old anymore...

The problem was in Cyberfox browser. The yahoo mail alerts it as an unsupported and switches to the basic interface view. The PaleMoon browser that's still accepted as up to date for yahoo shows unread messages well. Thanks again.

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Last time there was a Cyberfox update was 2.5 yrs ago.  I thought he would have come back and did more updates, but he had health issues I read.  I would switch to the newer Firefox for XN 4.x and Firefox 5602 for the XN 3.x verson

but it's portable version was fine for x-notifier checking purposes, to not overload the main browser, but now become unupported by general webmail providers