Modified scripts: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/etc., LinkedIn for X-Notifier 3.x for Firefox

[Updated 11/27/2017 ...correctly, I hope. (Scroll to bottom for notes on XN 4.1.7, Chrome, Safari)]

First... Note that X-Notifier 3.x will only work with Firefox up to version 56...
(and then perhaps for another year with the Extended Service Release (ESR) of FF 52.5.0.
Mozilla has said that they will [block the installation of legacy] addons beginning with FF 57.  Until then...

- Jeroen updated a Hotmail/ script:
See Jeroen's post:
Note: Click his post's link to go to Dropbox, then click the DOWNLOAD button, upper right corner. 

- For the updated custom Gmail script, go to the following post by "JustOff" (linked below) and then right-click -his- link, then click 'Save link as...' and change the 'File name' (from b11a0503.txt) to:  gmail.js   ...then click Save.  Next, go to X-Notifier, Options, click the "Scripts" button, and 'Add' that new gmail.js script... then click 'OK', and close Options by clicking 'OK'.  Lastly, close Firefox (to clear memory/settings), and re-open it.  That's all.

Originally JustOff's (now 'hosted' by Jeroen):   ...(use the Download button there)

See Jeroen's post:

- Jeroen excised the Yahoo script from X-Notifier 4.x and make it work for X-Notifier 3.x.
 See Jeroen's post... ...for the working Yahoo script.
Note: Click his post's link to go to Dropbox, then click the DOWNLOAD button, upper right corner. ]

IMAP for Yahoo:
- For a Yahoo IMAP fix, the workaround is to redefine Yahoo accounts using the IMAP script (instead of the old Yahoo script)... but it was necessary to fix X-Notifier's embedded IMAP script (to work with the 'new' Yahoo Mail that is being rolled out slowly to everyone), so... Jeroen modified the existing IMAP script, and you can add it just like any other custom script.  (Note: clicking your IMAP defined account does not log you into your inbox, but you can add a Link entry to go there, or at least to the webmail login page. Also there is no custom icon for IMAP defined accounts, but you can add one... see

Before or After saving and adding the custom IMAP script, you will need to change one of your Yahoo account settings to allow IMAP access, and then define your Yahoo account in X-Notifier using the new IMAP script. So...

- First, in Firefox, go to:

...and scroll down the webpage, and turn 'on' the slider (to the right) to "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" ...then close your account tab. (The setting is saved as soon as you change it.)

- Then, go to the following post by Jeroen (linked below), and left-click -his- link, which opens a Dropbox webpage with the script and a 'Download' button in the upper right corner... (ignore 'Sign in'). Click the 'Download' button, click 'Direct download' and save the imap.js file to your computer... then close the Dropbox tab.  Next, go to X-Notifier, Options, click the "Scripts" button, and 'Add' that new imap.js script... then click 'OK', and close Options by clicking 'OK'.  Lastly, close Firefox (in order to start fresh with new script, clean settings/memory).

See Jeroen's post:

- Finally, re-open Firefox, and define your Yahoo account in X-Notifier, using the IMAP script...

Go to X-Notifier, Options... then click the box to the left of the "Scripts" button (it should be labeled 'Gmail'), and select IMAP from the drop-down list of installed scripts. Then...

...fill in your usual username and password, and for "Server", enter: 

...and for "Link", enter:

...and lastly, click the "Add" button, and then "OK".

If that IMAP account definition works for you, you may want to either UNcheckmark (disable) the Yahoo accounts previously defined using the embedded Yahoo script, or highlight them and Delete.


In the Firefox version, X-Notifier 4.1.7, Gmail and Yahoo should be working... version 4.x, the available scripts are limited to only what is embedded in the program... there is no adding of custom scripts by users.

CHROME browser's version of X-Notifier, also 4.1.7, still supports custom scripts.

SAFARI users can also get X-Notifier 4.1 for Safari, which supports custom scripts.
If you have trouble upgrading to 4.0.3... you might try Exporting your accounts (go to X-Notifier, Options), then UNinstall X-Notifier, and finally... again try to install 4.1, but select "Install from developer" ...and after it's properly installed, Import your accounts.

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If your Yahoo email account is attached to you can't use imap with XN anymore.
They have removed the option for giving access to less secure apps with yahoo/att accounts.

I had an yahoo/att account setup for imap and it worked untill last week.

This link
will only let you change your password with yahoo/att accounts.

Regular Yahoo accounts work perfectly with the imap instructions above.


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Gmail wants varification code after the new script was loaded but I do not have any and never had any bedore

Works fine for me.  Don't know what to tell you, except update to X-Notifier 4.1 (which only fixes Yahoo) and then try Gmail.  If it doesn't work... try the modified Gmail script, again.

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Stupid google thought I was not who I said I was so had to jump through hoops but it works now, sorry about that.

Hello, how do you solve this? My gmail also kept asking verification code but I don't have one or never made one. However I did activate 2-steps-authentication.

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Is it possible to make a script for Hotmail to use with 3.x? After stupid beta switch, hotmail greyed out. I am really greatful for being able to use again gmail with 3.x, thank you!

Version 3.x has been labeled "deprecated"... it is soon to cease to function on newer versions of FF (57+), supposedly.
Perhaps someone could strip the hotmail script out of version 4.x and may have to rework it for 3.x and then make it available separately to load into 3.x.