X-notifier 4.0.3 fails to work for Yahoo and fails to notify of new emails

X-notifier 4.0.3 fails to notify me of new Yahoo emails and is all red

anyone else having this trouble please feel free to reply back . Thanks :)

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Preferences=>Privacy=>[click] remove individual cookies=>
[type on search]yahoo=>[then click]Remove All=>[click on upper right] X [to close it]

Then restart Firefox, it seem work fine, and I hate do it everyday and sometime it need repeat several hours!

I think nothing will be solved until Mozilla Firefox migrates over to API ..I tried what you recommended and nothing helped still remains the same with Yahoo..I deleted History, cookies, cache nothing helped it or changed it to work..But Yahoo still works with X-notifier 3.5.23 only.

Just a note:  When you click  your account in the drop-down list (click the X-Notifier envelope icon), does it take you directly into your Inbox?
If not, check your X-Notifier account definition... username (full email address) and password.