xnotifier stopped working with new gmail/google login

Just noticed that xnotifier doesn't log in automatically anymore.  Google/gmail seems to have a new login page.  XN won't log in automatically, I get the "mail not checked" alert in red.  When I click on it, instead of logging my in automatically as it usually does, it takes me to a Google sign in page.  The login page is different/new.  (This page describes the change they made: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/7338427?visit_id=0-6362945227...)

From there it goes to like a google dashboard or something about their services, my security, blah blah didn't read it.


So... .Just a fyi, and I hope this can be fixed in an update!




Oh- Firefox 45.1.0, 'gmail' host, enable autologin is checked (XN worked fine for ages, I didn't make any changes to it or browser, stopped working today or yesterday.)



I should add that:

Once logged in, XN works perfectly as before;

Closing the browser and reopening, XN works properly, logging in on it's own and indicating my email, as before;

Restarting the computer (Win10) causes the new behaviour- XN can't log in, clicking the icon takes me to the new gmail login page.



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X-notifier Version 3.5.21 works, but not right away, some of gmail will not be checked right away, just click on Check Now several times and everything will load in a few minutes.

You would need to to manually recheck all email and wait for them to load everytime you restart your browser or clear cookies. Hope this helps.

Oops.  Was that there before, I didn't notice it.  Was too in a hurry to get to the forums, lol... (And too often I'm the only guy that has a problem with an app....)

My apologies, and thank you for the suggestions and info!

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