X-Notifier 4.0.2 Gmail & Yahoo don't work

X-Notifier 4.0.2 Gmail & Yahoo don't work.

I have Firefox in 51.0.1 version.


Don't be refresh.  ;)

"...don't work" isn't much to go on.  I don't work either... but I will again.
Is this a new installation?   Did those accounts work previously?  What do you do and what happens that doesn't work?  If you click the accounts in X-Notifier's drop down list, do they log into your inboxes?  
My Yahoo and Gmail accounts are working fine.

Until now I used version 3.5.23 and everything worked properly. But I wanted to turn on mode E10S. And that's why I updated addon to version 4.0.2.

And then the problems started.
I have 3 email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. I only Outlook is working properly.

Before updating addon, on the old version I exported file with accounts, and after updating the addon, I imported this file.

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You can do this:
1. Remove Gmail and Yahoo cookies and restart Firefox.
Doesn't help?
2. Create new Firefox profile - Run DOS-cmd: firefox.exe --ProfileManager
Now install X-notifier 4 in the fresh profile and see if your Gmail/Yahoo accounts will work.

Does your default profile contain a lot of add-ons?
That might cause a conflict.
When X-notifier 4 does work in the fresh profile, you can add your other add-ons 1-by-1 to see which 1 is the cause.

There is something wrong with my current profile.

On the new it is ok. And there are no conflicts with other addons.
How can I fix this current profile?

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You can clear the cache too (though I doubt that will help).
It still might be the order your add-ons were installed in your current profile. When you are determined to fix it instead of continuing your new profile, you could re-install your other add-ons 1-by-1, restarting Firefox on each remove and install (twice). Being thorough you should also clear cache and cookies after each removal.

You might try uninstalling X-Notifier, -restart- Firefox, reinstall X-Notifier... if you haven't already.

Fixing your current profile may require persistence (keep trying). Only  you can decide when you've tried enough.

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