LinkedIn and deviantArt...

Anyone else having trouble checking LinkedIn and deviantArt accounts?  
They are logging in fine for me, but not checking...
...if Tobwithu shows back up, I'll offer (test) accounts for him to fix... if I'm around too ;)

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Yes, LinkedIn changed on my side of the world and my script does not login.

Perhaps you know from before there exist(ed) 2 webserver versions? I had them both working using CFB as checkpoint for the Asian/USA version and finally had a combined script working. I had a quick look whether it was an easy fix, but no... And I was wondering whether it is affecting both versions... (admin did not pickup on my last suggestions)

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I have 2 LinkedIn accounts.  One works Jeron with that script you modified and the other is grey'd out....will not even login.

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Hi Tr3b,
Does your greyed out account have this new look? (like my account)

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And this is what your working account looks like?

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It works! Finally... for almost over one month!
I hope that Tobwithu update Scripts page.

Again, Thank YOU (jeroen) for update JS for LinkedIn.

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I guess we wait for Tobwithu read this message...

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Well, my guess is all webserver locations eventually get updated to the same new webserver software. So Tr3b's situation would then proof temporary... (only guessing)

The valid data url (containing the message counts) for your part of the world was , which since a long time for me only provided an empty {}. So you guys in Asia/USA can check whether that url still provides the data that made things work for you... (data-unread-msg & data-pending-inv)

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Hey RpD,
Seems you were right about the script still logging in!

I found the unread count in the new html and after changing the script's regular expression of the matching query to the new one my linkedin account is not red anymore (still have to test some more).
To verify you guys are on the same webserver software, can you please check if you find this string in your html (Ctrl+U) after logging in? (The 0 (zero) being the count value)


And I still have to find the notification and invitation counts...

That string exists in the html for my login LinkedIn of the new look. 

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That confirms that the oldest of now 3 webserver apps is hopefully finally moving out / being updated to the newest 3d. Yes, my script now handles 3... I updated the 2nd option to the newest and found my other account that I use for testing (sending invitation/messages to myself) then stopped working... So I restored that 2nd option. It obviously takes LinkedIn ages to update all there webservers to a new look. It is not a priority to them. But it is a nuisance to X-notifier.

I still only managed to get the message count for the new one. I can see (using Firebug) the message, notification and invitation counts getting retrieved from the server by a JSON post, but can't find the obvious XN way to replicate that post... (to

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Found the obvious XN way. Now I am back in business! (Still a challenge... )
Almost started to implement it myself using XMLHttpRequest(), but obviously it is already part of getHtml(aURL,aPostData,aHeaders,aMethod) in XN's Handler.js. The XN4 version actually uses XMLHttpRequest() in the implementation of getHtml.

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I got the JSON post working in a separate script (LinkedInNEW).
So it gets messages, notifications and invitations with one json request post. The problem is the messages count in this json request will turn zero as soon as it gets to the browser page. So when you have the page opened in your browser the XN icon will loose its XN notification on the next  checking cycle. As long as you don't reload the linkedin browser page the messaging icon on that page will still show the number, but the X-notification will disappear (not to be controlled by the XN setting).

So in order to avoid that behavior, I should still get the messages from the available html count (like in the combined script) and only invitations and notifications by json request. That poses a new coding challenge...

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== OUTDATED (link points to the finalized single server script) ==

Here is the download link (rightclick: Save link as...) :  (this is the combined script)

So far only message notification for the 3d newest webserver.
So the script should handle the 3 different webservers:

  1. Old webserver that used the separate dataURL (message+invitation counts):
  2. Same look but dataURL=viewURL (message+notification+invitation counts):
  3. Same dataURL as 2nd, but new look (so far only the message count)
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Works great.  My working account continues to work and my greayed out account now works.

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But remember it only works for messages for the new look account.

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Assuming your formerly greyed out account has the new look, you now will be better off with the LinkedInNEW script for that one (see below). This script will also give you the invitations and notifications count for (only!) the new webserver. Only thing is the X-notification(s) for these counts will disappear from the XN icon when they get downloaded (by JSON) to the linkedin page (when you leave that page open in a browser tab).

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So this script exclusively works for the newest (3d) webserver. It provides all 3 counts by JSON post (messages+notifications+invitations), but I should revise this script to get the messages count from the html instead, since that method is available for that count and behaves better for X-notifier (see Works!! post above).

LinkedInNEW script:  (rightclick: Save link as...)

In the end I should merge these 2 scripts, unless that proves unnecessary when LinkedIn finally drops the 2 old webservers... (by updating all out there to the newest version)

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The messages count of the LinkedInNEW (single webserver) script now gets extracted from the html, like is the case with the LinkedIn script that deals with the 3 different webservers.
(Download link above hasn't changed)

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Well... now I also found the (pending) invitations count in the html. So now only the notifications count gets retrieved by JSON request. One can (re)download the script from the same location stated above.

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My 2nd LinkedIn account just changed to the new look. So from 2nd to newest 3d webserver. That makes me wonder whether anyone is still on the old look of 1st or 2nd webserver. If not, then I can stop developing the combined script and send the new (single webserver) script to admin.

Old look:
New look:


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/inbox/messages ... I got just this { } and rest page is White and BLANK!

/messages ... I got "New Look"!

You may stop developing the combined scripts... and SINGLE script to Tobwithu! Smile.

To jeroen:
Thank you for your HARD work on Script(s).

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I guess doing so is also a solution.
When the "Old Look" is still around, complaints will arrive here...
And then I can still offer those people the combined script until extinction of the old webservers.

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After optimizing and cleaning up the code, I did send the LinkedIn script to admin.

Dropbox link  (Leftclick and download from Dropbox)

NB: Double-testing the script on a 2nd workstation it took removal of the cookies to work.

   === March 18: Corrected the X-notify for the LinkedIn notifications ===

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Dropbox reminded me they will end their `Public folder´ functionality for free accounts on March 15. The public link from there produces plain text. Instead one has to use the `shared link´ from the standard Dropbox folder and then you have to follow the link to and download the file with their website interface. `Rightclick, Save link as...´ will download that html page.

So I thought to anticipate the change, unaware of the consequence...
Thanks CFB!

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Thanks jeroen for hard works!

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I added some code to fine-tune the user's click behavior:

Download LinkedIn Script  (Leftclick and download from Dropbox)

NB (first some preceding info):

  1. Three LinkedIn folders can get notified: Messages, Invitations and Notifications.
  2. When the 'Notify inbox only' XN option is checked, only the Messages LinkedIn folder gets notified (considered as Inbox).
  3. In Firefox one can use the specific folder click in the separate Window or Side Frame, when checking the 'Show folders' option (providing the specific folder has X-notifications>0).

So I changed the behavior for clicking the XN icon (and LinkedIn account), when the 'Notify inbox only' option is unchecked:

  1. When there are no X-notifications for LinkedIn:
    XN icon click will show the LinkedIn Home Feed page.
  2. When there are X-notifications for only one of the three LinkedIn folders:
    XN icon click will show this specific LinkedIn folder.
  3. When there are X-notifications for more LinkedIn folders:
    XN icon click will show the LinkedIn folder following priority:
    1:Messages, 2:Invitations, 3:Notifications.

When too many users don't like my default Feed page choice (1.), I can of course change it back to the Inbox (Messaging) page. But anyway each individual can still change the default behavior using the hidden option (about:config):
extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[HOST#USERNAME].link : ""
define custom URL which is opened when you click the account

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LinkedIn Script works!


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Stopped working long ago.