It's a pity cookies have to be enabled in FF, for x-notifier to keep working!

I'm not an expert, but does it have to be like that?



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Over 20 email host it running VERY slow!

For example 5 Gmail, 5 AOL, 5 Yahoo, and 5 Hotmail.

It will check each, each, each, each, and each on "host" gmail...
but it can check same time different host...
to open the email... you need click once to "switch" other gmail, and second click to open the gmail.

If come with cookie... it will check SAME-TIME... no "switch"...

If you do NOT like cookie? Then update X-notifier 4.0... it will treat alike other Safari, Chrome and Opera... (keep in mind, it will not work on IMAP/POP3!)

I stay with X-notifier 3.5.23 for that reason "speed" checking...

I just prayer that Mozilla will allowed API and Cookie for Tobwithu to keep X-notifier 3.5.23 and future!

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everybody says: put the old version. But: the old version is NOT working with my Firefox!

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You might explain MORE details beside cookie?

That if I understand what your explain what wrong, I might able to answer your question.

If not, I hope other people able help you out...

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If cookies are disabled in FF, than you have to install x-notifier everytime you close FF. It gets lost, everytime FF is closed. Understand?...

FireFox 50 and later is forcing a change in programming extensions... X-Notifier 4 and later has to adapt to those programming changes... by using cookies apparently.  
Otherwise, for perhaps a limited time, the old version X-Notifier 3.5.23 is still working for most people with newer version of Firefox (50+)... as well as older versions of Firefox.
So, if you insist on disabled cookies, with Firefox 50+ can use X-Notifier 3.5.23 (and disable updates for X-Notifier in extension settings... so it doesn't auto-update). 
That's what we understand. ;)