Here is my issue with 4.0.2 and the new FF update

I have no issues with the new way that Xnotifier works for the Gmail part of the addon. Importing the settings is the easy part.

The issue I have and reason why I'm not using the new version is this. I have 5 Gmail accounts, if I login to one of the other 4 accounts that are not default, it is fine for checking emails, but when I am in the Gmail part of the other accounts and from there I decide I want to check, either Google docs or Google Voice or another Google app, it won't take me to that app from within that account, it'll either take me to the app from my default account, or it'll tell me I'm signed out and I have to login it, and remembering all my Gmail passwords is a pain, along with it being time comsuming to do so everytime.

Hope I explained this correctly, if you need more explanation let me know, but this is my personal issue.



No one has a work around for this on the new version ?? Other then still using the previous version.

Don, I have thiese issues even using the older version of XN.
Try going to 'contacts' and you are fine for a few minutes, then next thing you know you are in your defalt account's contacts. So you have to log out of that page and into whichever account you should be in again.
Google Voice or Google Docs same thing.
I think it's just the way Google everything works today, If you start out from your mail accessed by XN.
I've had these issues for months...  ever since Google made some major changes (I've lost track of time; maybe 6 months ago or more ?)

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Works for me in XN 3.5.23
In XN Options:
1.  Enable 'Multiple login'
2. Enable 'Keep session for links'

Because XN 3 can use it's own Session Manager:

XN 4 cannot because of the restrictions of the new FF API.

Thanks Jeroen, I didn't have 'Keep session for links' checked.

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Yep, you're welcome!

I have no issues in XN 3 ** with or without Keep session links enable, only in XN 4** like you mentioned. Maybe Tobwithu can find a work around on this new FF issue bc of the API