4.0.2 If you set to delete cookies when Firefox restarts

I was going crazy until I discovered this:


--- Added in 2016-12-02 -------------------------------

If you set to delete cookies when Firefox restarts,

all settings in X-notifier 4.x will be lost.

This is a known bug of Firefox.


Are you planning to fix this issue in the future?

Could you please link the relevant Bugzilla?


Well, it seems to imply this is a Firefox bug, correct?

My current problem is that it works for several Firefox restarts, and then I have to reload the settings again.  Can someone tell me how to deal with this?


I have Firefox set to keep cookies until they expire, and i use the Cookie Keeper addon to protect specific cookies. 

However, I use CCleaner and i just noticed that I had it to set to delete Firefox cookies.  I changed that, so I hope that solves the problem.  Still woulldnt mind feedback though in the meantime.  Thanks