I have no reason to complain

Thank you, Byungwook Kang, for all your work that has made my email experience better over the past ten years. As a programmer, I understand that it is difficult to create utilities for environments that repeatedly break your work with changing parameters.

Yes, XN4 is not up to your usual standards and with the changes in Firefox it may not be possible to bring back the past glory and reliability of XN. But with a track record of ten years of exemplary reliability, I felt the need to reward that past performance with a donation; regardless of present circumstance.

If you can make XN work with future versions of Firefox, that would be great. If it is not possible, then thank you for your effort.

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Of course I 2nd this post!

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I second this post!

By the way, I got home from long vacation, and Happy New Year to ALL!

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Me too!