what junk

save all my emails and reopen firefox and they're not there

reenter everything and save and next time i open firefox guess what? GONE

BUT everytime i open firefox X-N insists on opening also with a full size page

i'm done with this crap

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You could be a little more polite ! The door is wide open !

...but I will take the soft approach and hope it has better results ;=)

I too am experiencing this. I have switched to Chrome for a period because I thought it was a glitch in the update but only Lite is available and I can NOT get it to inklude my Hotmail account. It says it is on the list but no sign of it anywhere. I DID try to sen myself quite a few emails TO my hotmail, but they don't register. Back to Firefox, I found that there was still a glitch and my accounts keep disappearing. Any suggestions??

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I use X-notifier 4.0.2 version on Firefox 50.1.0 and have several  Gmail and Hotmail accounts. They all work correctly and notifie me of new emails but, after opening an account and reading the messages, I have to disconnect before connecting in an another account.

Pop doesn't work any more ! This feature is not proposed anymore. In my opinion, it was the key point of this module.

I would like the developper communicate about the future of X-Notifier. Will we have it one day ?! Have we to uninstall it from now on ?

Best regards

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OK, thanks, Jeroen !