Can't get 4.0.2 to work properly

First of all, I was with version 3 something, it updated to 4.0.2 without me realizing the need of exporting my settings... there I am starting again with a brand new x-notifier where I have to input my email addresses 1 by 1. Not a big deal I thought. I started adding 2 email addresses and to x-notifier.

The problem is when I click on one of the 2 accounts, it brings me to a google Accounts page where it shows the 2 email1 and email2 accounts, status is "Signed out" and it is asking me to enter the password.

I was expecting a behavior of x-notifier like with version 3, where, as long as the passwords were stored by x-notifier, it never asked me to enter passwords again (that is the whole point and convenience of x-notifier).

What am I doing wrong?

I use a portable version of firefox 50.1.0.

All my gmail accounts use 2 steps verification, which has been validated on the machine that I use.

To be honest, I am a bit lost, all the more so that you say the firefox version will be deprecated soon. This is very confusing... What should I do?

I tried neo but can't get my head around how to add more than 1 account (separate forum topic).


OK I got my settings back by downgrading to version 3 with this link

Then exporting my accounts, then restoring version 4.0.2 then importing my accounts into 4.0.2

I still get the issue in 4.0.2 that all my 9 gmail accounts appear in red, when I click on one it brings me to a gmail login page that says "sing in to continue to gmail". Isn't x-notifier 4.0.2 supposed to get rid of the gmail manual login page, like it did in version 3, or am I missing a setting here?