How to add 5 gmail accounts and 1 hotmail account to Neo?

I have 1 email address in Neo

Then I want to add a second one, and I understand that Neo auto detects addresses.

So I log out of

And login to

Then Neo shows only

I was expecting to see email1 and email2 in Neo. What I am doing wrong?

I use Neo 2.1.1 on Firefox 50.1.0


I think a recent update broke things :(

Where can I find an older version of Neo which does not have this issue?

For the time being, Neo is absolutely useless for me.


When I log in to one of my gmail accounts, it adds it to the NEO dashboard, but when I log out of gmail it removes it from NEO. Can't get to add 2 gmails accounts to NEO.

I am now on Chrome, it does not make a difference. Shall I install an older version of NEO? If so, where do I find it?


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I think it is a cookie issue. When you don't login the correct way not all cookies get instantiated.

  1. Set browser to remember cookies.
  2. Logout of all your Gmail accounts.
  3. Login to your first Gmail account: it will be detected by XN Neo.
  4. Add the following Gmail accounts by clicking the profile icon and 'Add account':
    they now should get detected by XN Neo.

Hard to fathom, but...  I have managed to add three gmail accounts (and they all are shown and checked concurrently by Neo 2.1.1)... and three hotmail/ accounts -- but only hotmail is checked for new email (if I remember right, I think Neo's hotmail scripting/server can only provide single-account-checking at a time)... and... I have one yahoo, one aol, and one icloud account recognized by Neo (in Chrome).  
- You can see what Neo has recognized by right-clicking Neo's blue X envelope icon and clicking 'Dashboard'... a new tab opens with the available new emails... THEN click the gear icon in the upper right corner...  a new tab opens with a pop-up showing the accounts currently detected/recognized (I guess) by Neo... with checkboxes to turn them on or off... it seems.
 - However...  I have all three of my hotmail/ accounts checkmarked but only one (my hotmail acct) is actually being checked for new email... and that is all, regardless of which of the hotmail/ accts that I checkmark/uncheckmark.  I cannot get Neo to do either my or accts... by themselves.
- Also... at that detected/recognized accts pop-up list... when you hover your mouse pointer over an account... to the right of that  account, a little down arrow will appear to choose 'inbox only' (except for icloud and aol),  and... an 'x' will appear to allow you to remove the acct from Neo.
- Perhaps if I persisted... and removed and accts from Neo's list... then re-added them (in the right clean manner)... maybe I could then checkmark/uncheckmark which acct of those three (hotmail/ that I wanted to be active and checked for new email... so that I could simply switch accounts among the three hotmail/ accts listed  ...but I have not made that trial-and-error effort.
- Neo takes a little persistence to get configured. 

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Hi RpD,
You are describing the Chrome behavior.
In Firefox the Neo Options can be reached from the Add-on Manager.

You know... I wondered why I had described a way through Dashboard and the gear icon... then I changed it to the Chrome behavior because I got confused having both browsers open (it was late).  I think I will edit back the way I had it ...duh. (no, really ;)