Bug: XN toolbar button menu & config page - black text with dark themes

The text of XN's toolbar button menu is "hardcoded" to black instead of theme's (default) menu item text colour.  This results in illisible black text on black/dark background with black/dark themes. The bug is present in both 4.0.2 and Neo 2.1.1.

Additionally, the same issue is present in Neo's config/options page: the text colour is set to black, instead of theme's window text colour, again resulting in invisible text when dark themes are used in FFox.

(see the attached images below).

Please fix. Thanks!

X-notifier 4.0.2 and X-notifier Neo 2.1.1, FFox 50.1.0 with FT DeepDark 14.2.4 theme on Windows 7.