Export x-notifier 4.0.2


how work export in x-notifier 4.0.2 ?
i can't use it.



XN 4.02, Export is just where it has always been.
Click the X-Notifier envelope (a menu drops down), click "Options", scroll down until you see the 'Export' button to the right, click it, enter a password (something easy to remember), and then save the file.

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It's good until the moment to put the password but then I have no file.

What version of Firefox?  And you do already have some accounts defined before you Export, yes?
So... you are able to enter a password (twice), and then... one of two things happens......either a windows pops up for you to choose a destination file/folder...
...or you should see a blue-arrow flash on the Firefox menubar, which means it is auto-saving the file into your "Downloads" folder (or wherever you selected if you changed that in FF settings). 
In any case, auto-save should show a blue down-arrow on the menubar above... if it's black, then it didn't download ...you can click the down-arrow to see your downloads folder, where the file should be saved as "firefox.xn".

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I have Firefox 50.1.0 and xnotifier 4.0.2. I get to the Export button. I set the password (twice) in the window that comes after, but nothing happens next. I have download statusbar addon installed so I have control of the files that are downloaded. no file is saved in downloads folder. no window to set the destination of the files is appearing.

I have a nice piece of software called Everything, it can search instantly files on your computer, but no file called firefox.xn is found.

I really need to export accounts.

Any ideas?

Maybe a conflict with the status bar add on, try it whith status bar unactivated