X-notifier 4.0.1 problem

X-notifier 4.0.1 has a problem that only one account works.

I uploaded 4.0.2 and it's under review process.


If you update from 3.x to 4.x, you cannot maintain accounts information.

(This is because of API changes in Firefox. http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3353)

Export accounts in 3.x and import it in 4.x.


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In the post http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3353 you mentioned:

It means that you cannot use userscript in X-notifier 4.0 for Firefox.

Is there any posibility that this will change in the future? I mean, is this something that you're looking to fix or have you completely abandoned this feature?

I use this for twitter, so 4.x is useless to me at the moment. I went back to 3.5 for now, but I want to know if I should keep an eye for possible updates or if I should start looking for a replacement for when 3.5 stop working.

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I love X-notifier,but lately it doesn't launch in FF 50.1.0,so I reverted back to an earlier version of X-notifier,3.5.21 which works normally for me again.

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Thanks. I guess I'll check back before FF51 gets released (if they finally drop XPCOM/XUL with that version, because it keeps getting postponed) to see if anything changed, and look for something else if it hasn't.

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Has anyone figured out a way to restore the older notification icon, the new one has oversized numbers that appear above the icon for the notification count, which causes issues for compact themes, as it takes much more vertical screen space than normal.

Also, has anyone found aa way to make it so that left clicking on the icon can immediately open the email in a new tab instead ofpulling up a menu where you then have to click on the email account, even if you have only 1? (this adds 2 additional steps before you can check your email).

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Just updated my test environment to X-notifier 4.0.2 & Firefox 51.0b4 (64-bits)

Added 2nd Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and XN-forums account. All working fine!

Congrats @tobwithu(s) !!

For a test, I installed the FF Portable version 50.0.1 release (in a separate FF Portable folder, closed it, copied my regular FF profile's files over to the program's Data/profiles folder, then deleted FirefoxPortableSettings.ini from the portable version program's Data\settings folder ), ...then... restarted FF portable.  It opened with XN present! (no accounts) ...then I upgraded to XN 4.02, and imported my accounts backup...
...got all three hotmail/outlook.com/live.com accounts, three gmail accounts, Yahoo, AOL, and XN forum and script accounts... working.  (said goodbye to the custom/pop3/imap scripts).  Now I need to restart FF.
Ok... Restarted... still working.   (Didn't affect my regular FF ...have to be careful there, not to mix them up) 

(I may switch things around:  load up an FF Portable 49.x version with XN 3.5.23 ...and then I could upgrade my regular FF to 50.x with XN 4.02 ...hmmm)

FF portable 50.0.2 from portableapps.com

XN 4.02

But all my acconts are deleted after each restarting... :(  Am I missing something?

After defining/adding in all  your accounts... do you scroll down and click "Save"?

Yes, 2 or 3 times, because the screen is flickering for a while, but there isn't a confirmation/feedback message.

I also tried uninstalling Xn, restarting FF, then reinstalling Xn: no way... So I'm back to the previous Xn version

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i also have this bug. accounts deleted every time FF restarted

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Hello, the new version doesn`t work. downgrade on old version.

Spend 10 € for chrismas.

Grettings Thomas

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Tenía todos mis correos en la aplicación y me los ha borrado a todos. Tuve que volver a cargarlos nuevamente uno por uno, son muchos, y aún así no abre, no sirve más la aplicación ? Que está pasando?

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Si los volviste a cargar y te los borró, a lo mejor el problema es otro, pero si perdiste la configuración cuando actualizaste a la nueva versión, eso es porque la nueva versión no puede leer la vieja configuración. Por el momento, para evitar problemas, lo mejor que podés hacer es instalar la versión vieja: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions/3.5.23

Después de instalar, reiniciá y deberías tener todos los correos. Para evitar que se actualice, desactiva la opción de actualización automática para este addon.

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Correct, I see that I thought it was logging into the wrong hotmail account, but it appears it logs into the last account that was active.  I can click on other accounts and it still will keep launching the other account.

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Hi, I downloaded the 4.0.2 version and only one acount work...

I have three hotmail account, when i click in one, another account open...

Actually I leave only one account...I checked others account by enable/disable account in option page.


Any idea?

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Downgrade. See my thread (go to forum)

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Yo tenía la configuración guardada desde hace tiempo en el pc; exportándola.

Al actualizarse a la versión 4.0.2 perdí toda la configuración. Lo que hice fue importar desde el archivo que tenía en el pc, y me funciona a la perfeccion con la versión 4.0.2.

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Y desactivar actualización automática. importar desde el archivo .xn no me funcionó.
Me sirve la versión 3.5.23.

¿Cuál es el riesgo de usar esta versión?

I have no idea what just happened.

Firefox updated today, despite this update apparantly being released months ago. Now there's an additional click needed to get to my default email rather than going straight to it, most of the options have been removed, and the red icon is oversized now.

I'm not okay with this.

You probably got updated to X-Notifier 4.0.2 somehow.
You can revert to X-Notifier 3.5.23 ... and then you'll have to disable the extension's auto-update setting. (There is a 'global' setting that affects -all- add-ons so don't disable that one.)
See the following post (and comments): http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3479


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<p>Hi,<br /><br />I can not open yahoo and gmail mail anymore. why?<br />Yahoo does not work.<br />Gmail does not work.<br />Hotmail is work.<br />I use the version<br />X-notifier Version 3.5.23 and&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fire fox&nbsp; 54.0.1 32-bit<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Antony</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Remember that Jeroen has provided an updated 'custom' IMAP script, because of a problem with the regular 'embedded' script parsing the 'new' Yahoo Mail's 'unread' count data (which is mistakenly adding 1 extra to the count, except for zero)... Jeroen's IMAP script is here:

Yahoo IMAP script does not work...

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Hi enesalpa,
In case you mean my imap.js download from Dropbox, I realised omitting the download instruction in that post. Richt-click / Save As will download the dropbox html page. You have to left-click to go to dropbox.com and use the download button from there.

I don't understand. If I select all the script and copy to a bloc and then save as "imap.js" is wrong? If I in the link: "https://www.dropbox.com/s/txidvyfcxsfgqah/imap.js?dl=0" Save Page As it copies two archives: "imap.js.htm" and "imap.js_archives", and if I search inside there it no a "imap.js" file...

- Jeroen is just saying that if a person right-clicks on his IMAP link, then clicks "Save link as...", that will cause the file to be saved as a webpage (with the HTML webpage coding included inside)... and that's not what anybody wants (it won't work).
- You might be able to highlight (select) just his javascript code and copy/paste into a 'dumb text' word processor, like Notepad ...but you have to make sure that you don't get the line numbers to the left of the code, and then you have to be careful to save the file as: imap.js  ...and make sure Notepad doesn't save it as: imap.js.txt  (you need "Show extensions" for filenames turned on to be sure).
You shouldn't use Wordpad or other fancier word processors because they may save formatting codes in the file (unless you're sure to select a save filetype of "plain text" (no formatting) ).
- - It's just -much- simpler to left-click Jeroen's IMAP link (which takes you to the Dropbox page) THEN click the "Download" button in the upper right corner of the Dropbox page... that way, you will get a simple "imap.js" code file without any line numbering, or formatting code, etc.  And the script does work... I've used it.

Just as I make it and does not work...

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In order to use imap Yahoo has to allow you access from less secure email clients.
If you didn't already do this for your Yahoo account:

  1. https://login.yahoo.com/account/security
  2. Login
  3. On the Account Security page scroll down and set to allow access from less secure email clients

Hi jerome.

I did what you recommend and it does not work. I have five accounts in Yahoo and in four the only thing I can do is manually entering identity and password. Only in the marked as main I can enter directly. All appear in gray and in neither is the Yahoo icon. Is the same thing that I was doing until now. Nothing has changed.

The Gmail account (with the script) and the Outlook/Hotmail accounts are working fine.

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Just to be sure (covering all bases):
Are you having your problem with X-notifier vs 3 or vs 4?
The IMAP script is not included in vs 4 and one cannot add any custom script there.

vs 3.5.23

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My Yahoo situation:
I did register a 2nd account just one week ago in order to test the new Yahoo interface. My main old Yahoo account is now on the new interface and works. The 2nd one is on the Classic Yahoo interface and also works, but on XN Yahoo account click I have to login and then I always get the popup to disable less security for the 2nd Classic account.

You mentioned all your accounts are greyed out, including your main one. So they are not checking. Did you switch to the new Yahoo interface or only for some of your accounts? Is your main account that takes you to the inbox on XN click perhaps on the new interface?

They are all in the new interface

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I would first try your one main yahoo account.

  1. In XN Options uncheck all your yahoo accounts in your list of accounts and click Ok.
  2. Logout from all your yahoo accounts.
  3. Remove all yahoo cookies (about:preferences#privacy - Show cookies - Search yahoo - delete all)
  4. Restart Firefox (to be sure)
  5. Now turn on (check) only your one main yahoo IMAP account in XN Options and click Ok.

Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com as server
Link:  https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/1  (New imterface)
Icon:  htttp://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/481

When your one account still does not work you could do a fresh XN install in a new Firefox profile. This should proof your yahoo can work with the IMAP script.

I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but... you might try logging in 'manually'...  open a new tab in your browser, in the address bar type:  mail.yahoo.com and then log in to your account. Look for any pop-up prompts or other things that might interfere with the login process... click 'OK' or satisfy the demands of any pop-ups.  Sometimes email providers prompt users for something and these prompts interfere with X-Notifier mail checking.

You might also try reading my new post about using new scripts... to see if you've missed anything.