x-notifier Neo feature request - refresh the notification count

I've switched from the original to Neo and like it a lot. My only concern is that the count doesn't update in Chrome unless I manually refresh. It would be perfect if the count automatically refreshed after accessing an account.

Have you checked Neo's Dashboard, Options?

Click the blue X-Notifier Neo envelope icon, click Dashboard, then click the gear icon for Options...

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I also have to refresh, like SteveBoa.
Do you have a different experience, RpD?

Clicking the gear icon takes me to the X-notifier Neo definition on the about:addons. Nothing there to automate the refresh behavior. Only option per account is 'Notify inbox only'. So, assuming you want to clearify the obvious, tell us the obvious... ;-)

Yes, first, I wanted to point out the settings... you can check to see if your accounts are 'checked' or unchecked.
Second, you can adjust your default check interval.

Last... I sent myself a test email to a couple accounts... and in a few minutes (I knocked the interval down to 3), Neo alerted me with popups and the total count increased on the envelope icon.

All I can say, I guess, is... 'works fer me' >;-}  (Chrome version)


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So yes, I go to settings and don't see much except the accounts and the check-interval. I took it down to 1 minute. If I get an email the count shows 1. I open the account via Neo and look at the mail and then close it down. The Neo icon still shows 1 until I do a manual refresh.

The other/original x-notifier has an option to "reset the counter when checking messages"