X-Notifier 4.0 ... POP3 ? IMAP ?

Does the new X-Notifier support the POP3/IMAP scripts?

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No, it's same as Chrome version does not support it.

I guess new Firefox will disable or not work with older 3.x X-Notifier ...yes?

How about converting each script into a tiny extention? This could probably be automated.

X-Notifier just checks for such extentions and uses provided additional functionality, if found.

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X-Notifier for Chrome does support scripts (I mean, other email providers different from default ones). Will X-Notifier 4.x for Firefox support them as well?

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1) Why Firefox 50 dropped support on POP3 and IMAP? (that when X-Notifier update 4.0 for reason...)
(Tobwithu's respond and thank you, I need to hear for 2 and 3 from you.)

2) If I decide to STAY with Firefox 48.01 (forever) ...
You (Tobwithu) will keep support for example 3.6.xxx forever? (so I can use POP3 and IMAP?)

3) What about Thunderbird? (TB do use POP3 nd IMAP and X-Notifier 4.0 do not?)

My reason...
I let computer running background X-Notifier Window,
if I see any new email...
I will pick up iPhone and respond e-mail from there.

In case Firefox FORCE you (Tobwithu) to update X-Notifier 4.0...
Can you re-name to X-Notifier Classic that support POP and IMAP with Firefox 48.01 and below?
AND you create new version X-Notifier 4.0 with new color Icon for Firefox 50.0?

Thanks, CFBancroft


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1) You obviously mean Firefox 50 (not 5.0). It is announced to be released in November 2016.

2) Still working with version 49...
Are you requesting admin to keep support only for POP3 and IMAP?
Or do you expect/prefer admin to keep maintaining all or part of the external scripts... ? :-)
(#TeasingCFB is the name of the game ;-) ... )

And then there were 3 versions of X-notifier:
1. X-notifier Neo
2. X-notifier Classic (3.?)
3. X-notifier Next (4.0)

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I would like for Tobwithu to keep website http: //xnotifier .tobwithu .com
with Classic 3._._
I will turn it off warning... and stay with Firefox version 49 forever.

I will close browser firefox 49..  WITH 'X-notifier window' open!
That I can use IMAP... when any new email, I can pick up iPhone and respond...
Also, I can use "non support scripts" for example Facebook, LinkedIn... (other people can use GMX... etc)

I can use Safari or Chrome or Opera as browser... with all support Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo.
I know I can use Firefox 50 with support Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo, but it will conflict when I open two version of Firefox.

Thanks for correct 5.0 and 50!, Smile.

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Actually you can! : firefox.exe -P -no-remote
(make the non default desktop shortcut)
But be very precise setting it up!!

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And I hope (kind of expect) admin will eventually add the most used internal scripts (starting with facebook.. )

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2) I have not decided yet.

3) I don't know exactly what will happen in Thunderbird.


They split off development of Thunderbird to a collaborative user group... wonder if it's more likely they will follow Mozilla/Firefox's lead with a new API or not. Probably will, I guess. I haven't googled it.

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I requested some feature from FF team to support userscripts by X-Notifier. Not sure if they will agree: inter-browser compaility… Can you (Tobwithu) check the request, will it help?